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Ted Danson Says Comedy Is Harder Than Drama

Ellen Degeneres recently had "the very charming Ted Danson" on her talk show.  She mentioned it had been 25 years since he was the most beloved bartender on Cheers.

Indeed, Ted, 61, was Sam Malone on "Cheers" during the 1980s.  Cheers has been compiled onto DVDs and the 11th and final DVD for Cheers arrived just last week.

(Image of Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen - World Premiere of 'Four Christmases' - 11-20-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

The talk show hostess played a clip of Ted in the hospital on the popular FX show Damages where he talks about being "the most hated man in America".  He plays the nefarious billionaire Arthur Frobisher on "Damages".

Ted Danson Dashing And Handsome

He looked very dashing and handsome in a great suit and his hair was very neatly trimmed.  Ellen greeted Ted and told him that he looked "very dashing"  Ted was very pleased and said "I feel good" and then the funny lady said you look "very handsome". Ted replied "I was very excited".

Ellen responded with "what are you excited about?  Ted said "here,  being here, I planned this all day. I went over my wardrobe last night, I mean, this is a big fun deal."

Ellen said "oh good, I'm glad, me too, I was working on how I would say hello and stuff".

Ted said "very good".

Ellen "but you know how much I love you and Mary".  Ellen was referring to actress Mary Steenburgen.

(Image of Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen - Oceana's 2009 Partners Award Gala - 10-18-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ted said "I know".

Ted Danson Blindfolded With Trust Issues

Ellen "it's been awhile, it's been two years since you've been here. Did you know that? Did you realize it had been that long?"

Ted "it was a bit traumatic last time."

Ellen agreed "oh well, it kinda was.  It's weird its a blindfold theme today because last time you were here we were just working on your trust issues.  Right?  Because we were talking about the show that you were on at the time".

Ted said "uh huh".

Ellen showed a clip of Ted and what they did to him from a previous show when he was blindfolded and he was falling backwards into a group of people on Ellen's show.  You could hear Ellen laughing in the background.

"That was very"....Ellen said "you said you liked it".

Resolving Trust Issues

Ted said "no, no, it was great for me.  The trust issues were resolved, but now I am into blindfolds. And um."

Ellen "and that's it?" Ted said "that's a problem.  Its a bit of a problem. Mary and I both every night" and then Ted gestured as if he was putting on a blindfold.

Ellen laughed and said "you should talk to Karen. She's pretty good at it too".  Ellen was referred to Karen who is currently Ellen's most favorite game show player who played blind musical chairs and was hysterically funny.

Ted said "I have empathy for her (Karen)."  He continued "she thinks this is fun and exciting but soon, every night, boom. Putting on the blindfold".

Ellen replied "it helps you sleep much better, you know by the way.  To wear those things. Every once in awhile I'll wear those things and you sleep much better because its darker."

The actor said "I think its scary. I think it would scare me.  I would be like....all night I would be" (he pretended to be tugging on an imaginary blindfold).

Ellen asked "to not know what is going on?"  Ted said "yeah."

The funnylady said "no, really its good. You might like it, you enjoy it".

Ted Danson Drama Is Easier Than Comedy

The funny lady said "congratulations, you were nominated last year for a Golden Globe and Emmy. And you're fantastic on the show (Damages). Do you like playing mean?  You're mean, usually you're nice. It's a whole new thing."

Ted said "it's so relaxing (being mean)."  He continued "yeah, yeah. It is. You know this, but actually maybe you don',t because you're naturally funny and wonderful but....and he gestured with his hands...this is not funny, this is not funny, this is not funny.

He paused "funny is just this one little hard thing you've got to get to. Whereas you can show up drunk, divorced and pissed off and in a drama and yeah like whoa that's interesting" He continued "whereas comedy you work hard.  You don't, but the rest of us do".

Ellen asked Ted "are you living", are you still "living in Ojai (Ojai, California)?

Ellen's Old House

Ted told the audience "we live in Ellen's old house, my wife Mary Steenburgen and I". He told Ellen "we love your home, love it.  It's one of the most beautiful pieces of property."

Ellen replied "I regret selling it. Its a great house". She then said "and so your daughter is engaged. Right?"

Ted replied "yeah, my daughter Kate is getting married (Ellen showed a clip of Ted with his daughter in the background) it's very exciting."

Ted Danson's Daughter Get Engaged

The actor turned around and looked at the picture of himself with his arm around his daughter.  He was obviously delighted and started laughing.  He said " feels good", referring to the picture of his daughter with her Daddy.  He gushed "isn't she beautiful? She's getting married to Jesse Bochco."  He told Ellen "she's (Kate) getting married in your old home on that piece of land."

Ted told Ellen "they got engaged there and it was very sweet and Jesse kinda involved us and told us he was going to ask her and it was on her birthday December 24th." Ted's wife Mary "to kinda make it all work" said "we have one last birthday present for you but its out in the guest house the rest of the family is going to go out and get it ready and so you stay with Jesse".

Kate Danson Gets Engaged To Jesse Bocho

Ted reported at that point they left his daughter alone with Jesse "we went running into the bathroom and hide in the tub"  Ellen asked surprised "in the guest house?"  "No, Ted said "in the master bathroom."  Why?  Because Jesse "asked her under this beautiful tree out by the road" on the North side of the property.  He said "when you look out the kitchen you look straight out there."  And Jesse "asked her right out there."

The actor reported "we were peeking, not to pry.  But just in case we saw him (Jesse) in the distance (hitting his head and going) oh no. We would re cork the champagne or something".

Ellen replied "you watched from there?  That's hilarious".  Ted laughed "the whole family, yeah. In the tub."  Ellen said "you must've put in a bigger tub because it wasn't that big when I was there."  Ted said "we were all sore because we were in the "scrunched up"type of position."

Ellen then told Ted she heard "I understand you found some of my stuff."  He said they had.  At that point Ted and the hostess examined some of the items he found in Ellen's "attic"  She joked she didn't even know there was an attic on that property.  Which was the last part of the delightful interview with Ted.

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