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Celebrity Hairdresser Peter Lamas

Did you know one of the most beautiful women in the world worried about a bump on her nose?  Yes, Audrey Hepburn was self-conscious about her nose.  Did you also know Elizabeth Taylor looked great in just about any hairstyle and makeup because she had perfect facial features and proportions?

Stylist To The Stars Peter Lamas can share some of those amazing facts with you. Peter Lamas is truly one of the hair greats of all time.   I had the great pleasure to meet Peter several years ago and was so impressed at what a truly charming and talented hairdresser he is.

Peter has styled a dizzying array of major celebrities including Jacqueline Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Stone, Goldie Hawn, Britney Spears and recent Golden Globe and SAG winner Kate Winslet.

Peter created his own line of hair and beauty products known as The Lamas Beauty Botanicals line.  The line includes a revitalizing styling cream, mist and scalp serum. The ingredients, mostly seed and root extracts, are predominantly organic and completely free of parabens, dyes and petrochemicals.

One of the most famous hair choppings in current history involved actress Mia Farrow when she agreed to have famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon take her from super long to super pixie while new husband Frank Sinatra watched in horror.  Peter told me during a phone interview some years ago, that he "was assisting Vidal during that famous Mia Farrow short hair cut".

In essence Peter was standing right there when hair history was happening. Actually Peter had many brushes with hair history. After he first earned his license in cosmetology, Peter interviewed with the two most important and influential names in the beauty industry: Vidal Sassoon, who revolutionized the way women's hair was cut and styled at that time; and Kenneth (one of the first "single name" celebrities), whose renowned talents attracted the celebrities of the day to his extremely elegant townhouse salon.

Although both houses offered him a position, he chose Vidal Sassoon for its reputation for intensive, hands-on training. And, this training was under the direction of a man by the name of Paul Mitchell - a name now behind its own collection of hair care products.

Peter worked for three years at Sassoon, and when Kenneth again made him an offer, he accepted. This was his chance to broaden his horizons, building on the training he already had.

The legendary Kenneth Salon Townhouse in mid-Manhattan drew not only Hollywood celebrities, but many of the leading figures in the recording industry, society and the arts. During these very happy years with Kenneth, Peter's Client List included Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Jacqueline Kennedy, Gloria Vanderbilt and Faye Dunaway ... to name just a few icons of the day.

While Kenneth Salon also sold a makeup collection under its own name, Peter soon gained a reputation for makeup wizardry by combining his talents for art and color to create perfect beauty images for his clients. He would design make-overs for celebrities, or completely "re-do" a woman with a new hairstyle and make-up look that made the most of her natural beauty assets, for everyday life.

Paul Mitchell eventually re-entered Peter's life, when he asked him to become his right hand man at the Henri Bendel Salon on 57th Street in Manhattan. Bendel's was the most exciting and innovative of the fashion specialty stores in New York and had pioneered many new retail concepts, such as small boutiques, an Avenue of Shops, and an extremely fashionable Beauty Salon ... all under one, very chic roof. This association with Paul Mitchell brought Peter invaluable experience in supervising, promoting and managing a beauty business.

The alliance also gave him the opportunity to work with the great names in fashion/beauty photography: Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Francesco Scavullo (best known for his Cosmopolitan magazine covers and celebrity portraits.) Soon, Peter was in demand to do hair and makeup for their editorial photo shoots for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and Mademoiselle, as well as magazine cover work and national print advertising.

As his experience working with super models grew, Peter began doing runway work for well known fashion houses both in the United States and Europe. The hair and makeup he created for the models became the finishing touches to their spring and fall collections, and it wasn't long before "Peter Lamas" became a recognized name in the industry.

From there Peter went on to have an amazing career in the hair and beauty world which continues to this day.

As a result of personal experiences relating to family, close friends and clients, Peter became acutely aware to the scary reality that many common products -- including and especially health and beauty products which we all apply to our hair, skin, teeth and bodies – contain known carcinogens or potential carcinogens, and can have devastating consequences for our long-term health.

With a drive to learn all he could about health, beauty and ingredients, Peter founded Lamas Beauty International, with the overriding mission to deliver high-performance beauty products that contain healthy, natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals. Peter is very passionate about educating consumers regarding the myths and facts of the beauty industry, having written books on the subject and often a featured guest speaker.

Peter is proud of his growing company, which is recognized as an innovative leader within the beauty industry. Lamas Beauty International offers eco-friendly, state-of-the art natural, healthy and organic beauty products, in the areas of hair care, skin care, body care and anti-aging. Lamas products are vegan (no animal testing, no animal ingredients), paraben-free, sulphate free, with the majority incorporating plant-based, organic and certified organic ingredients.

Lamas products are regarded among the absolute best in the world in performance and health by consumers, and leading beauty and fashion editors, frequently featured in national beauty, health and fitness magazines. The Company is committed to maintaining its market leadership in the natural, organic hair and skin care industry by using innovative and eco-friendly technologies in the R&D of its products.

Peter and Lamas Beauty are passionate about beauty, passionate about health, and passionate about its customers!

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