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Blog Wrangler Wanted

Okay, I'll be the first to admit it.  I need help with my blog.

Yes, I can write like a demon (lock me in a room with a Notebook computer or my iPhone and I will do nothing but write) but I hate, hate, hate to edit.  Mainly because I think a writer should never edit themselves for too many reasons to whine about here.

Also, I don't like to stop and deal with pesky things like adding product links or other cool links to articles that already exist at You have no idea how many times HB Team Members have groaned when they read my blogs because I mention so many great products available right here at in our Marketplace but I forget to link to the products in our e-store.  Yeah, I'm sorry about that but again, anything that slows me down is hard for me to deal with.

Yes I know that some of the blog topics I cover have massive amounts of information buried in the page but puh-lease don't ask me to stop and find them.  Once I'm done with one blog, the next topic is already ding-ding-dinging in my head.  I wanna write.  Not stop, do searches and put in links.

And photos.  Sheesssshhh.  The team is constantly telling me to add more images. has a libray of literally thousands of images sent to us from hundreds of (all legal) sources.  I just don't want to take the time to stop and find the appropriate image and then put it into Corel and clean it up and cut it to the appropriate size.

Which means I need a Blog Wrangler.

Yes I got attached to the word "Wrangler" and have been overusing it like a crazy woman.  The word "wrangler" entered my vocabulary when I heard someone on a talk show recently talking about the "animal wranglers" on movie sets.  Apparently the animal wranglers show up with the dogs, cats, sheep or whatever and handle them while the producers, directors and actors do their thing.  No feeding, watering or butt wiping is required by anyone but the wranglers.  Sounds like a good plan to me.

I figureed if movies have animal wranglers why can't bloggers have blog wranglers?  Someone who can follow behind me and make sure I don't stop writing in mid-stream - yes it's happened I know. Never fear, no butt wiping is needed although keeping track of me can be a little crazy making.

Ideally I would love to have Louise From St. Louis who was Carrie Bradshaw's assistant in the Sex And The City Movie.  Except I don't have Carrie's money, budget or fame.  I do have enough money in my budget for a part time "internesque" person who wants to come and play with the rest of the team for just a few hours a week and ideally learn about our business.

Since we're located in North Dallas, we're not as hot a place to intern as Teen Vogue, which the girls from The Hills did.  But hey, if you want me to video tape you while you're wrangling my blog, I'm sure we can work something out.  I doubt MTV would care but I promise you can keep any videos we make of you for your permanent collection.

Sadly we don't have any Spencers or Laurens or Audrinas at but we do know an awful lot about the Internet having been hanging out in the hair cyberspace since the "early days" of the Web.  Ahem, without aging ourselves too much, has been around since the mid-90s becoming "official" in 1997.  Does that make sense?

The team members (male or female) don't wobble around on 4" heels and the latest fashions but flip flops and cut offs are definitely part of the dress code.  We don't hang around little cafes in Beverly Hills eating vegan desserts (not that I'm against being vegan) but we do eat pizza and are addicted to everything that has the word cupcake in it.

If you're interested in being a blog wrangler please check out the following job description we posted today (good Feng Shui numbers and great moon) on Craig's List - PostingID: 1012919726.

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