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Meryl Streep Wins 2009 SAG Award But Didn't Buy A Dress

When it was announced that Meryl Streep had won the Screen Actors Guild Award for 2009 for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role the room erupted in applause.  Meryl Streep was absolutely shocked.  She looked completely stunned and amazed as she lept up from her table and hugged all of the people at her table.

When she got on stage, the very casually dressed Meryl, in a black satiny top and matching pants said "well I didn't even buy a dress".  She danced away from the podium and twirled a bit to show off her black blouse and matching pants.

Her blonde hair was pulled casually back into a pony with a low nape of the neck base.  Her loose pony was help in place with a gleaming black hair clip. The crowd erupted in laughter and applause when Meryl reported her lack of appropriate awards gown.

With her voice trembling Meryl said "I'm really really shocked" and she teased "even though awards don't mean anything to me anymore"  She gushed "I'm really happy".

She said "I want to thank so many people" and she went on to thank several people.  She also said I want to thank "Scott Ruding who goes out of his way to find interesting things for everyone to do, especially the girls".

Meryl said "can I just say there is no such thing as the best actress,  There is no such thing as the greatest living actress - I'm in a position where I have secret information and I know this to be true."  She paused and so many people in the audience, including Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams looked so happy that Meryl had won the SAG.

She said "I am so in awe of the women this year nominated - not nominated".  Meryl said in a serious and heartfelt tone, I am "so proud of us girls".  She noted "and everyone wins when we get parts like this."

Meryl thanked John Patrick Shandley for writing this film (Doubt) and to Philip Seymour Hoffman her co-star.  She said "Philip Seymour Hoffman is just the most fun to work with" and "he sets such a great example" of how to live his work with integrity.  She also thanked the "glorious Amy Adams, so funny" and "the gigantically gifted Viola Davis - my god, someone give her a movie".

She paused still in shock and said "wow, I am sure I forgot to thank someone".   She did thank Sister Peggy and sent a "big hug to everybody".  Then she shook her head in disbelief and said "OK, I gotta get off now". She finished with a "I really do appreciate this.  Love you, love you."

It was one of the most heartfelt, sincere and hilarious acceptance speeches of the evening.  Meryl was lovely, humble, funny, kind, caring and so appreciative.  It was so amazing to see an actress of her experience and level of expertise to be so moved and touched by winning the SAG Award.

The entire show was worth watching just to see Meryl Streep win her award.  Kudos to Meryl.

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