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Laura Dern Loses At 2009 SAG But Wins With Hair And Husband

Is Laura Dern one of the nicest female actors in the business?  Quite possibly.  She was interviewed live by E! on the Red Carpet at the 2009 SAG Awards and she was beyond sweet, charming and polite.

She wore her butter blonde tresses in undulating waves which framed her lovely face.  Initially Laura approached the E! Interview area by herself and chatted until she was asked where her husband Ben Harper was.  She called out to him and he appeared by her side.

Laura and Ben have been married since 2005 but were together even before that point and are considered to be a happy Hollywood couple.

Laura was wearing a stunning black gown and said she was wearing Burberry which was absolutely gorgeous.  Nominated for a 2009 SAG award she looked really beautiful.  The E! interviewer told Laura she was her husbands "biggest fan".  Laura seemed so pleased about the praise directed at her husband.

E! asked Ben if Laura was his muse?  He nodded enthusiastically and said yes, "she is my muse".  The couple were asked "how do you keep a marriage together" in Hollywood.  Ben and Laura said they work at it together and they have different interests which keep the marriage interesting.  The couple also said it helps when they have "like minded" parenting styles.

Laura also discussed how much she enjoyed attending the SAG Awards because she gets to see so many of her friends.  She reminded E! she "starting acting as a baby".  She made a point of pointing out that actress Diane Lane was a long friend of hers and that she had been in a movie with Diane when she was twelve years old.

The movie? Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains. The 1981 film was about three teenage girls including Diane Lane and Laura Dern who start a punk band.  The film was shot in Canada and featured Ray Winstone, Christine Lahti and ex-Sex Pistols Steve Jones.  The movie was edgy, to say the least.

Laura Dern was nominated for a 2009 SAG for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries for her role as Katherine Harris in HBO's "RECOUNT" about the George W. Bush Presidential Election recount.

In an odd voice Ernest Borgine announced the winner of the category as "can you believe it the winner is Laura Linney".  It almost sounded like he didn't think she should be winning although maybe it was just be.

Laura Linney was nominated for her role as Abigail Adamas in HBO's John Adams.  She also beat out Shirley MacLaine for Lifetime's Coco Channel, Phylicia Rashad as Lena Younger in ABC's A Raisin In The Sun and Susan Sarandon as HBO's Doris Duke in Bernard and Doris.

Laura Dern Won 2009 Golden Globe For Same Role

Laura Dern won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress in a mini-series for playing former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris in the TV movie Recount, which was filmed in Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

Laura's acceptance speech was considered politically colored when she ended her speech with "I will cherish this as a reminder of the extraordinary incredible outpouring of people who demanded their voices be heard in this last election. I look forward to amazing change in this country."

Some will wonder.  Did Laura's edgy acceptance speech at the Golden Globes hurt her chances for winning the 2009 SAG?  Will we ever really know.  Probably not.

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