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Celebrity Hairdresser Mark Townsend Does 2009 SAG Hair

Although I had heard of celebrity hairdresser Mark Townsend before, I never had the pleasure of meeting him or interviewing.  However, my ears perked up when I heard the lovely star of AMC's Mad Men mention the fact she was very relaxed on the SAG Red Carpet because her hairdresser - Mark Townsend - had brought her "red velvet cupcakes" when he did her hair for the awards earlier in the day.

I thought January's comment was hilarious and totally brilliant.  What a great way to prepare a nervous celebrity client for a big Red Carpet event.  Who doesn't like cupcakes.  Even better, who doesn't like red velvet ones.

I decided to Goggle Mark Townsend to check him out and discovered to my delight that he was attached to Matrix.  I am a huge fan of Matrix products and have Matrix Socolor on my hair.  It has been my hair color of choice for the past fifteen years.  Yeah, I know you're not supposed to tell your hair colorist what to use on your hair but for me the Matrix Socolor gives my hair the most amazing blonde tones.

In fact, I got in trouble once in cosmetology school because I tried to sneak in some Matrix Amplify for a hairstyle I was creating that required lots of volume.  Needless to say my teacher warned me that I could only use the pre-approved products which sadly did not include Matrix.

When I found Mark through Goggle I was delighted to see he had done a blog about his work in the hair biz.  Indeed, he starts by writing about the beginning of his day and that he was 10 minutes late arriving at January Jones' house to do her hair.  He explains how he blew it out and even how he forgot the appropriate extension codes.

Even more impressive, Mark also coiffed Amy Adams.  WOW.  Both actresses were nominated for SAG awards.  Graned January was not individually nominated but she was part of the Mad Men Ensemble.  Amy was nominated for her work in Doubt.

As if doing the gorgeous long and loose strands for January and the sleek chignon updo for Amy wasn't enough, Mark left Amy's and went to see Natalie Portman to do her hair for the SAG After Parties.  Are you kidding me?  Three celebrities clients in one day?  This guy is my new celebrity hairdressing hero.

Mark is located in Los Angeles and what is known in the trade as a "free lancer" doing all sorts of different things from Red Carpet looks to fashion shoots and magazine covers.  He also represents Matrix so part of his job is to demonstrate the amazing possibilities that the Matrix products can create for different hairstyles.

Mark also works with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and apprenticed with Sally Hershberger.  In fact, he can sometimes be found working out of the LA Sally Hershberger salon.  Just look at some of his celebs and you can see his great talent lies in cutting and styling.

Mark's blog gives an incredibly realistic view of the lifestyle of a celebrity hairdresser.  If you're interested, stop by and check out his blog.

Meanwhile, I'm going to drop hints the next time I visit my own hairdresser about how much I love red velvet cupcakes.  Wouldn't it be a great hair world if cupcakes were part of the hairdressing ritual?  Get your hair blow out while you blow out your hips with sugar.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe not such a great idea but definitely great for the Red Carpet.

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