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Brunette Hair Wins Big In Miss America 2009

A gorgeous brunette, Katie Stam of Indiana, has been crowned Miss America 2009 in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock Cafe.  Katie is a communications major at the University of Indianapolis.

(Image of Miss America 2009 - "Courtesy of the Miss America Organization"  MAO Trademarks & Copyrights are the sole property of MAO).

An aspiring broadcaster, the new Miss America has interned at two Indianapolis TV stations.  She is tall and stunning with a gorgeous smile.

High Percentage Of Brunette Contestants

One of the very first things I noticed about the hairstyles on the contestants was what seemed like a majority of brunettes.

There were all lengths of hair but more chin and below-the-chin bobs then I remember from previous years.  Volume was also a major trend with a lot of the finalists having lots of fullness around the crown and hairline.

The first elimination resulted in fifteen contestants and there were again a majority of brunettes compared to blondes.  I saw very few redheads which I also found interesting since red hues seem to be picking up in popularity lately.

A Perfect Pageant

Looking back at everything she did, said and wore in the Miss America Pageant it should have been obvious she deserved to win.  Katie did everything right from being one of the four America's choice winners for the fifteen runner ups to giving flawless answers on a number of questions.  The gorgeous new Miss Americaalso won Tuesday night's swimsuit preliminary round as well.

Ladies And Gentlemen Start Your Engines

When the beautiful brunette was first spotted at the very beginning of the contest she introduced herself by saying "Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines.....from the town of the Indianapolis 500".

Katie wore her glossy light chestnut brown hair long and lush.  Her tresses were long and edged below her shoulders cascading into a hint of loose waves from a deep side part.  She had beautiful big brown eyes.

America's Choice Finalists

When the first elimination round occurred it was announced that America had voted and picked four of the fifteen runner-ups. When Katie was announced as the third America's Choice winner she was interviewed about how she would feel being chosen as one of America's Choice Finalists.

Katie told the cameras "if I'm chosen as one of America's top four (finalists) I will be thrilled, absolutely thrilled, because you know what, if I come in first or fifty-second it doesn't matter because if America would want me to represent them, that's almost as good as someone putting that crown on my head."

Swim Suit Competition

As one of the fifteen finalists Katie strutted her long legs and flawless figure in the swimsuit segment.  It was announced that the segment was designed to showcase health, fitness, self confidence.  Indeed Katie was the picture of self-confidence having a little bounce to her step as she strolled across the stage for the judges and the audience.

Evening Gown Competiton

The evening gown competition is designed to showcase each contestant's style in selecting a gown which best suits their body and personality.  While floating across the stage in a breathtakingly beautiful white gown Katie was asked the definition of glamour.

Katie said "to me glamor is that beauty you feel on the inside.  It's that confidence that radiates from inside of you.  It's that true beauty, that's what glamor is because that's when you look your best".

The future Miss America's evening gown had a sultry slit up the front showcasing her very long and stunning legs.  It had a V neckline that showed off her beautiful chest and was worn down off her shoulders.  The gown was elegant and beautiful but also showcased her long legs, beautiful shoulders and neckline.  It was extremely flattering to her figure.

Katie wore her milk chocolate hued hair down in soft waves with lots of gorgeous volume. It was the perfect hairstyle to show off her face, eyes and lips without competing with the dress in any way.

Talent Competition

When Katie was chosen to perform her talent, she wore a different long white dress.  This dress was equally stunning showing off her perfect physique with beautiful detailing of gold lacing along the top to one side.  The gown had spagetthi straps and Katie wore gorgeous diamond or crystal studded earrings.

Katie's talent?  Singing which she aced.  Her voice is excellent and she appeared very relaxed and poised.

Questiong Regarding Controversy About Sports

As a way to select the seven finalists, questions are posed to each of them to let them know they had been selected.

Katie was asked this question by a Las Vegas visitor on the street.  The question was "there's a lot of controversy about professional athletics taking performance enhancing drugs.  Do sports stars have an obligation to be responsbile role models?"

Katie's answer was the following:

"They absolutely have a responsibility to be positive role models as we all do.  Any time that you're in the public spotlight anytime you're in the media you are making an impact you are influencing someone and you always need to make sure that is done in a positive way so you need to watch exactly everything you do".

End Of The Show

At the very end there were just seven runner ups.  Katie was the tallest contestant of the finalists.  It should be noted there was only one blonde in the final seven runner ups.

Katie was again wearing her gorgeous white gown and her hair was worn down with lush waves.  She looked so beautiful with a great smile.

Mario Lopez asked Katie right after she was crowned with tears in her eyes and holding a huge bouquet of roses "how are you feeling?"  Katie was literally speechless.  When Mario told the audience Katie was speechless she nodded in agreement.

Mario asked her what the first thing she was going to do.  Katie said "I am going to thank all these amazing girls behind me".  She also said "thank you so much America".  When asked about her parents Katie said "my mom and dad are right over there.  You can see the smiles on their face".  The cameras panned to Katie's obviously happy parents.

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