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George Clooney's Hair And Quotes On Ellen

Ellen Degeneres was determined to get George Clooney on her show and had a campaign known as George Watch 08.  To try and entice George to her show Ellen has tried a myriad of stunts starting with a basketball with supermodel perfume to the Cincinnati Red Baseball team greats Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan.

Ellen Trying All Types Of Lures

In between she tried everything from sending in all the models from Deal or No Deal to even getting President Elect Obama to make suggestions on how to get George.  The future president suggested George be made an Ambassador to The Ellen Show so that he would be required to show up.

Alas.....nothing worked. Not a herd of tiara wearing beauty queens, Las Vegas showgirls, Carmen Electra and Anna Faris wearing Playboy Bunny ears.  Nope. Not even the blonde Chippendales which were suggested by Brad Pitt.

Ellen didn't give up.  She tried inserting a sign into the Macy's Day Parade, hanging a huge sign on the wall at Warner Brothers Studios, even wearing a sweater George supposedly liked on a tourist.

Finally Noah Wyle visited the show and suggested the old Red Machine Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team and the perfect George Clooney bait.  Why the Cincinnati Reds?  They were George Clooney's favorites.

Cincinnati Red Players Joe Morgan And Johnny Bench Visit

Sure enough, after calling in some favors Ellen got Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench to appear on her show to help lure George into her studio.  The two baseball greats visited briefly with Ellen and it was agreed they would play catch out in the parking lot in front of George's office.  Ellen told them she was sure George was there because his car was parked in front of the building.

Ellen asked Johnny and Joe to entire George into the studio and once they got him in Ellen said they would "close the doors" and keep him in there.

Joe and Johnny started playing catch out in the parking lot and they hilariously said to each other – I wish we had someone else to play catch with. Yeah, as if.

Cardboard Cutouts Waving Back And Forth

The first thing that happened after the two Red baseball playerswere playing catch was the sudden appearance of a cardboard cutout.  It was flashed back and forth in front of George's office window.  Ellen said – someone’s playing with us.  Then George's face was briefly spotted in the window.  Ellen spotted it and yelled "there's George".

George opened his office door slightly and the next thing we saw was Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench going inside the office from the parking lot where they were playing catch.  The door opened again and George came outside with the two baseball greats and they (Joe and Johnny) proceeded to sign autographs for him.

Ellen said…"George is getting autographs.  They're signing autographs".

Luring George Out To Play Catch

Joe and Johnny asked George to go with them to play catch.  George looked a little suspicious (since he's been dodging Ellen for weeks now) and peered around the corner of his wall.  The Reds said "we just gonna go over there and play catch".

Whether it was staged or not, George peeked around the door jam as if he was looking for Ellen.  Joe told him "I don't think she's (Ellen) there, really.  Joe Morgan told George "we just came by to play catch.  I don't think she came in today".  George said “you don’t think she’s there?”.  Then he said "OK I’ll go over there".

The cameras filmed George walking into Ellen's building with the two baseball players and through the back of the stage.  Wearing a baseball glove the curtains opened and George schlepped over and hugged Ellen who was sort of hiding by her couch on one of the steps.  She looked like a child about to see Santa Clause.

George, Joe Morgan And Johnny Bench Arrive On Ellen's Stage

As George walked onto the stage  with the two Cincinnati Red stars he stopped and gave Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench each a hug.  He was obviously thrilled to be there with his favorite baseball players.  The appearance of George drove the audience absolutely crazy.  Insanely wild.  The screaming and applause was literally deafening.

Clean shaven wearing jeans and a dark shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the shirt open at the neck the movie star looked very hot.  His short neatly styled hair was streaked with a gorgeous hue of blue grey.  Ellen was beyond thrilled.

George shook hands with Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench and then he posed between the two of them before walking up the steps to Ellen’s couch.   It appeared their photo was being taken at that point on stage.  As he walked towards Ellen George was bobbing his head in a playful manner.  He sat down between Ellen and Johnny Bench with Joe Morgan on the outside.

How About That Bait George?

When the screaming and applause finally died down George said to Ellen and the audience ”I don’t know about that bait".  Ellen said "it was great bait wasn't it?"  George replied "it was just this level below the Chippendales."

Ellen asked the handsome actor  "did you really try out for the Reds?"  He answered "yeah, I only lacked talent.  Other than that I could've..." and he stopped in mid sentence.

Good Grades To Go To The Ballgames

George said "they (the Reds) used to do a thing when I was a kid growing up.  When I was 14-15 years old, when you guys were the Big Red Machine, they used to give out Straight A tickets, which I think they should still do."  George looked at the two players and said "Remember that?"

He continued "if you got As (in school) you got tickets to five (5) games".  George continued "so truely, literally, the only reason we (George and his friends) got good grades, and I'm not kidding, was to go to the ballgame all the time".  He told Ellen "we went to 20-30 games a years.  It was good fun."

George told Ellen about Johnny Bench "I met him before.  I was about 8.  I had my picture taken with them. But he doesn't remember.  That hurts.  Johnny, Joe and Ellen laughed.

Ellen Gives George Lots Of Gifts

Ellen interrupted by telling George she had gifts for him.   She said "we actually do have gifts. We have.  I think you’re gonna like this. Cause we don’t want to just use you. Just cause everyone’s excited.  I want you to get some stuff".

Ellen proceeded to present George with a Cincinnati Reds bat and ball which appeared to have been signed.  It was hard to hear all the details because the crowd was continuing to applaud and scream.  The energy was electric on stage.

Ellen then pulled out a framed picture of the Cincinnati Red team.  Joe Morgan said that "my favorite all time photo of the (team at the) 7th Game of the World Series."  George looked at the picture and said "a picture of the team – 7th Game of the World Series.  The whole gang.  Great". He proceeded to name several of the players.

He told Ellen the picture was great.  He was obviously touched and very excited by the gifts. Ellen told George he could hang the Cincinnati Red picture next to the picture of her that she present to him.

George replied "I have one I’ll get for you,  it’s a Batman shot, in a rubber suit."  Ellen said "I have that poster on my wall".

George Plans To Kill Brad Pitt

Then Ellen asked why would Brad Pitt said to send George the Chippendale dancers? George said “He’s dead”.

George told Ellen that Johnny Bench knew his (George's) dad for awhile because “my dad had a talk show.  Did you ever do it he ask Joe?”  Joe said he had done the show many times and so did Johnny.

At the mention of George Clooney's dad Ellen said "and you just said Happy Birthday to your dad.  Just a couple of days ago."  George agreed "Yeah, he's 75 years old.  I gave him some, I gave him a case of Jack Daniels".

Ellen asked what else have you given him that you’ve gotten from us?  George deadpanned and said  “A Rockette.  Mom was thrilled with that".

George Was Out Of Town

Ellen said - "so you’ve known about all this?  Have people been informing you every step of the way what we’ve done?"  George replied "informing is not what I would call what my office has been doing.   Complaining.

They were a little concerned when the marching band came in" (to his office).

Ellen "its not so bad, they didn't hurt".  Agreeing George said "the trombone player hurt someone.  As always".

Questioning him further Ellen asked if people were "coming up" and asking him why he wouldn't do the show.  George said "people do come up to me. All the time and say  "what’s wrong with you man?   Why don't you go do Ellen’s show"  Ellen quizzed him "and what do you say?"

George answered "I say I haven’t been in town. Which I haven’t been in town for a long. I haven’t really".  After protesting about being out of town Ellen replied "I know you don’t like doing these shows and I appreciate you being here. You do enough.  You don’t need to be doing extra stuff".

Stammering a little George said "I do, you know, I do, I’ve been busy".  Ellen agreed "I do know, seriously thank you".  She asked "what was your favorite thing that we did so far beside this"?

You Gotta Love A Three Dimensional Cutout Of Dolly Parton

George enthused well "this is pretty good".  He said "I don’t know, you gotta think, you gotta love Dolly Parton coming over.  And I have a - Ellen injected "cardboard cut out" and George said  "but it’s a three dimensional cardboard cutout which some people call a friend.  I’d like to thank you for that". Ellen laughed, "you’re welcome"  The actor said, regarding Dolly's cutout "a gift that keeps on giving".

Ellen pressed the issue regarding Brad.  She said so "what about Brad Pitt?  Why did he do it (suggesting The Chippendales)? And what will you (George) do to him Brad) now"?

Brad Pitt - Even The Children Are No Longer Safe

George solemnly replied "I called him after I heard" and I said “nothing in your life is safe”. And he said "don’t harm the children".  And I said "they’re not even safe".  Continued his thread about Brad the silver fox said "anything can happen now,  I don’t know whats going to happen.  I will harm him.  I will harm him in one way or another".

Ellen told George she knew he was very busy and didn't have a lot of time and then she said, but "I have some questions I’ve been saving up".  She opened a big book full of papers.

Her first question was "what is Noah Wyle really like?"  George teased Ellen "he's very short, a lot of people don't know that".  He's like Benjamin Button, 4'6" and he's much older than he seems".

Why Is George So Handsome?

She then said she knows he doesn't like to talk about his personal life but she asked "what makes you so handsome?"

He seemed a little embarrassed by the question and said "Uh, well you know, I like to get a hot oil massage from time to time and I try to get other people to drink a lot because you look more attractive.  Keep everyone drunk".

So Ellen said the real reason for getting George on the show was "how can we get Juliana Margulies".  George laughed and said oh, "I'm, bait now?"  In response to Juliana he said "I don’t know.  She’s a tough cookie she's a hard one to catch. But I think she’ll show up".

Ellen's Next Target - Juliana Marguiles

Then he said, so you're finished with me?  Ellen explained well "what do we do?  We've got you now" so what do we do next?

George shook his head and feigned shock saying "Oh man.  Just like that?"

Ellen told Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench - "you guys are amazing, thank you for all you’ve done.  This has been amazing".  Before ending the segment Ellen said to George "and thanks for what you said about Proposition 8".

At that point George, Joe and Johnny were gone.

It was an amazing show that I am sure Ellen and everyone in that audience will never forget.

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