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Eva Longoria's Hair On Glamour Magazine

Actress Eva Longoria is generating lots of media buzz regarding her appearance on the February 2009 cover of Glamour Magazine.

The celebrity media has been talking about Eva's interview where she shares about her marriage to Tony and shows off a short and sassy medium length bob hairstyle with lots of texture around the perimeter.

I've been writing articles about Eva Longoria and her hair for, 101 Celebrity Hairstyles Magazine and Short Cuts Magazine since the beautiful actress first set foot on the ABC Desperate Housewives' show 100 shows ago.

Besides the fact that Eva is very popular with her fans, is on a hit TV show and has a sizzling hot husband, her celebrity hairdresser - Ken Paves - has been a dear friend for going on 7 years.  Ken has kept me in the loop about Eva's hair and his latest creations from the beginning.

What some people may not know about Ken and Eva's hair relationships is that Ken aggressively pursued Eva as a hair client.  He thought her hair was "amazing" and he loved her style.  Ken is so popular he never has to pursue any celebrities so the fact he wanted to work with Eva was something very special.

Ken and Eva has been working together since that point and he "adores" Eva.  Like he does with all of his "girls" he is completely devoted to making sure her hair always looks "amazing".  As his special gift to Eva, he did her bridal hair for her as his wedding gift when she married Tony in 2007.

During one conversation I told Ken how much Eva reminded me of a young Elizabeth Taylor with her dark hair and eyes.  Both actresses were born under the sign of Pisces, which I pointed out to Ken.

Always digging deep for inspiration, Ken researched some of Elizabeth's Hollywood Glam styles and proceeded to create some amazing modern interpretations of the great beauty's hairstyles from the past for Eva.

Ken's work with Eva is never less than brilliant because he always gives 1000% to making sure every hair is always in place.

I recently included Eva Longoria Parker in my list of who I personally thought had the best celebrity hair for 2008.  It appears with her recent dazzling appearance and sleek updo hairstyle at the 2009 Golden Globes (created by Ken of course) and her gorgeous cover of Glamour Magazine (hair by Ken) that Eva is off to a great hair year for 2009.

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