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Conair Hair Products Manufacter Goes To Dogs has been carrying Conair since almost the first year we were in business and we continue to sell the various lines. I personally have always loved Conair because they keep their eye on the business ball and respond appropriately without getting too far afield.

What most hair consumers don't know about Conair is that besides the fantastic line of hot tools (blow dryers, hot irons, curling irons) they also own Rusk which manufacturers a phenomenal line of professional hair care. They also recently bought the Elle Girl Line (which carries) and are making it even more fabulous for a great price.

In 2004 Conair also got into the pet world and have been slowly but steadily growing their grooming products division with wonderful success. One of the things I love most about Conair (other than our reps who are always helpful and responsive) is that they seriously weigh the value proposition for consumers. They also stand behind their products and are the first ones to remove a product line if it does perform to their expectations.

After over eleven years of watching Conair and doing business with them I can't recommend them enough.

Recently Conair announced a line of self-grooming products which would be available through their popular retailers. The do-it-yourself grooming pet lines are designed to offer consumers affordable options for keeping their pets clipped and trimmed during challenging economic times.

It is only fitting that Conair enter the DIY pet grooming market because they already make an exceptional line of trimmers and shavers for humans. Why not offer similar products for dogs and other family pets?

Besides moving into complementary markets, Conair consistently is an innovator in their hot tool lines. They are constantly looking for ways to provide better tools with the best value for the price. I personally am looking forward to discovering what hot new tools Conair will be unveiling for 2009.

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