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Shimmery Hair

In case you're wondering what Shimmery Hair is, it's means hair that shimmers, shines and generally has a high gloss content.

While it's definitely true that some types of hair will have a much easier time of achieving Super Shimmer, the reality is that even damaged hair can achieve a high shine.

Types of Hair With Natural Shimmer

The general rule of thumb for hair that has a natural shimmer potential includes hair with the following characteristics:

1.  Is brunette or raven black.  The darker the hair color, the more shimmer potential.  Light reflects best off dark colors and less effectively off the lighter hues.

2.  Is stick straight since textured hair does not reflect shine as easily.

3.  Is shoulder length or longer since there is more hair surface for maximum shimmer.

4.  Is worn down rather than up.

Even Damaged Hair Can Shimmer

Even though some hair pros will tell you that damaged hair can't shine, this is no longer true due to the amazing array of shine inducing hair care products and tools that are available to create shimmer.  Ionic and ceramic brushes and blow dryers are designed to enhance shine.

Shine serums, sprays and drops can work miracles at turning dull, drab tresses into glossy shine infused strands.

Tricks For Creating Shimmery Hair

Consider the following tricks to creating shimmery strands:

1.  Shampoo as infrequently as possible to encourage distribution of natural hair oils.

2.  Cleanse with moisture enriched formulas that have been diluted for maximum cleansing and minimum damage.

3.  Perform rinse out conditioning treatment after shampoo.

4.  Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close cuticle and encourage natural shine.

5.  Towel blot and apply leave-in conditioners or cocktail with conditioning styling products.

6.  Air dry when possible to prevent heat from robbing shine.

7.  Apply shine products.

8.  Wear shiny hair accessories which can give the illusion that the hair is also shiny.

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