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Organic Hair Care Versus Good Hair Care?

I honestly believe that the majority of hair and beauty consumers sincerely want to do their parts to help the environment and go green whenever possible.  However, there is a rapid movement for hair salons and hairstylists to "go green" for the sake of being leading edge in the hair and beauty industry.

The problem with that thinking?  Hair consumers still want great hair results.  Preferably (for most consumers) by thoughtful greening of hair and beauty treatments but not in spite of it.

Bottom line, hair and beauty consumer are not suddenly going to flood to a hair salon or beauty spa just because they are "green".  Nor are they going to abandon their hairdressers who do their hair exactly the way they love for a hairdresser who is "green" or  "ecofriendly".  I think that's a key point to remember.

Yes, hair consumers will appreciate the organic push from their own hairdressers and favorite product lines but good hair care and styling will continue to be the priority that hair consumers value at the current time.  Hair salons and hairdressers to think they will get rich by going green or eco friendly without considering the other important aspects of the beauty trade will be missing the hair consumer boat.

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