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Hair Highlights, Flying Rocks, Boulders & Refrigerator Boxes

Today started off like every other day.  I rendezvoused with my Marketing Manager (aka MM) at our fav Starbucks where my very favorite barrista - Eric - had my Venti Decaf Coffee of the Day all ready for me when I walked the door.

I figured I might not be able to eat at my normal lunchtime due to my crazy schedule so I splurged on a Starbucks bran muffin.  In hindsight I was lucky that I had the foresight to eat breakfast due to the true and crazy events that happened as my day unfolded.

My Marketing Manager and I had our morning meeting in her tiny little sports car while we zipped along Highway 75 towards my hair highlighting appointment with my fabulous hair colorist Rose Zuniga.  Traffic was crazy but somehow I got to my appointment 30 minutes early and had plenty of time to catch up on my reading of Vanity Fair and Modern Salon Magazine.

Rose arrived promptly at 10 am (she's great that way) and proceeded to skillfully apply my normal quarterly highlights using Matrix SoColor which is fabulous. 

We discussed various hair issues and Rose told me that she recently discovered Wella is one of the best hair colors for covering gray hair.  Luckily I don't have that issue (grey) yet but it was good to know since I always have hair consumers emailing me about problems with color sliding off grey hair after just a few days.

Now I have a good recommendation for future grey hair sufferers.

Rose watched my highlights like a hawk as they cooked while we chatted about hair topics.  I love picking her brilliant brain.  Once my highlights had "cooked" approximately for one hour, she washed my hair.  In the process Rose treated me to a wonderfully relaxing scalp massage.

After Rose towel blotted my hair she gently detangled my hair and dried it straight with an ionic dryer and a paddle brush. My hair looked and felt like pure silk.  The shine was spectacular.

On the way out of the salon I received three random compliments on my hair from complete strangers.  Cool.  Rose did it again.  She gave me exactly what I wanted and I was in such a great mood.

My marketing manager was waiting for me out in the parking lot as I left the salon.  I jumped into her tiny car and we zipped off to a 1:30 business meeting in Fort Worth.

Using Google Maps we made our way back onto Highway 75 and followed it to downtown Dallas where we merged onto Highway 30 towards Fort Worth.  We'd just passed a few exits when we spotted a boulder, the size of a very large cat, in the middle of our lane.

The marketing manager tried to swerve, but there were cars on both sides.  We heard a loud crash as the MM took the car right over the top of the boulder and we heard a loud scrunching sound on the undercarriage.  I held my breath thinking for sure there was a new hole in the bottom of the car.  Nope.  The car - known as Lulu - kept on running.

Whew.  We had dodged a bullet.

A little unnerved we rode in silence for a few more exits.  From the far left passing lane we noticed a large black pick-up truck weaving back and forth in the far right lane.  The back of the truck contained a large unsecured refrigerator box.  The truck hit a bump.  To our horror we watched as the box flew up and out of the back of the truck and headed straight for our little car.

It almost felt like we were in slow motion as we watched the box flying right at us.

Bam!  The box slammed into the windshield of the car scrathing the roof and the windshield.  The brown box was almost as large as Lulu, the little car we were riding in. The box bounced off the top of the windshield and rolled across two lanes of Highway 30 landing along the side of the road.

The Marketing Manager and I were beyond speechless.  She noticed all the scratches on the windshield and told me she'd thought we were goners for sure.  I shook for a full ten minutes until deep breathing helped me recover my composure.

After 45 grueling minutes on the road we found the exit for the business meeting and pulled into a parking spot.  The temperature was dropping rapidly and I was starving.  I hadn't had lunch and it was 1:30 pm. I was shivering from wearing my flip flops (without socks - which is another blog for another day) and a large woolen wrap.

The meeting was a great success, which was encouraging considering what the marking manager and I had gone through to get there.

By 3:30 the marketing manager and I still had not had lunch.  We stopped at Mi Cocina which means "my kitchen" in Spanish. After drinking some very hot decaf coffee and eating some grilled chicken with garlic and mushroom sauce, the marketing manager and I were ready to take on the long trip back to Dallas.

Halfway back on Highway 30 we were approaching Six Flags when a pumpkin sized rock flew out of the air and hit the windshield with a big crash.  For some unknown reason it didn't break the windshield.  The large rock bounced off the car.  The Marketing Manager screamed and swerved LuLu out of the middle lane into the far right lane.  Just as she did that we shot by a 2 x 4 laying in the middle of the lane she just zigged out of.  We were again speechless.  Somehow the flying rock had helped us avoid the large board.

Needless to say we held our breath the rest of the way back to Dallas.

Our first stop back in town was at the Starbucks drive-through where I ordered another decaf to warm up.  Feeling grateful that the car was still intact and we were both alive, I told the window clerk I wanted to pay for the car behind me.  Really?  She asked.  Why?

I told her I was being a Starbucks Surprise Santa and to tell the car behind us Happy Holidays.

Whew.  I felt I had somehow adjusted my karma and arrived back at the office with the marketing manager only to discover that ice was starting to form on all the cars in the parking lot.  What the heck.  It had been that kind of day.

After surviving flying rocks, boulders and wayward refrigerator boxes, what's a little ice?  The good news?  At least I was having an awesome good hair day.  Thank heavens for that.

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