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6 Ways To Wear A Scarf - On Your Hair

One of the current goals of hair consumers is finding high quality products which can serve multiple purposes.

A head scarf made of a high quality Pashima, silk or similar fabric, especially one that has a generous amount of material (for rolling and folding), can be worn a variety of ways including the following options:

1. As a soft scarf headband.

The scarf can be rolled into a long tube of fabric and then worn as a hair band positioned at various locations along the head from right at the hairline to near the back of the crown. The scarf headband is tied into a knot with long flowing tails.

The scarf's knot can be positioned either in front of the ears or behind them with the knot either worn underneath the hair or on top of it. The knot can also be positioned to the side of the head or near the center of the back.

This trend as wearing scarves-as-headbands is rampant over in Europe and it was showcased on the runway for Spring 2009. Expect the trend to continue to grow. Many celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton have rocked various scarf headbands with their hair.

2. Wrapped around a hard pre-existing headband

If you have a hard time wearing a rolled scarf as a soft headband (because it slips off your head) you have the option to wrap it around a hardband first and wear it as a wrapped headband. The advantage of this method is that the hard band will grip hair better.

If you don't want to take the time to wrap your own headband, you can buy prewrapped scarf or sash style headbands for great prices and still have the option to vary the way you wear the tails.

3. As a ponytail wrap.

This has been a popular fashion trend that pops up on a regular basis because it looks very sassy and Bohemian.

Roll the scarf into a long tube shape and arrange the newly rolled scarf so the ponytail base is halfway between each side of the scarf tails.

Either wrap the tails around the base several times and then tie into a knot letting the tails flow freely, or simply pull each side up, tie into a knot and let th much longer tails fly free.

If your hair is long, you can experiment with interlacing the scarf throughout your ponytail and tying it at the bottom of the tail.

To interlace with your long pony you would first tie the scarf into a knot around the base of the pony and then take the two loose tails and crisscross them throughout the ponytail.

You can also play with interlacing a long scarf though a long braid merging the scarf tails with the sections of hair to be plaited.

4. As a traditional head scarf

Fold the scarf into a traditional triangle. Place the scarf on top of the head and tie the two tails into a knot underneath your chin. This has been a popular style in France, Europe and Russia. In Russia is it called a Bubuska.

5. Worn as a du rag style of scarf

This is a little bit trickier and it may take a little practice but the scarf is positioned slightly below the hairline along the forehead (to prevent slippage) and the rest of the scarf covers the entire head and is tied at the very base of the scalp into a knot. This type of scarf headdress is usually worn with the scarf covering the ears for a more snug fit.

6. Worn under a Fedora or other style of hat.

A popular hip hop look is to wear a du rag style of scarf lower on the face above the eyebrows, pulled over the entire head and tied in back with a fedora or similar style of hat worn on top of the scarf. It provides a very edgy look.

I'm sure there are other ways to incorporate a scarf with various hairstyles including rolling them into a tube and wrapping them around a ballerina style bun or wearing them interlaced with a sassy side pony hairstyle. Experiment, have fun and let me know what new scarf hair styles you create.

My best friend Jean Colombo reminded me that head scarves have been used throughout history by bank robbers in old TV Westerns. Definitely an interesting thought but probably not the best for high fashion hair looks.

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