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Greasy Hair Secrets

A frequent consumer hair complaint is how to deal with greasy hair.  This ongoing hair challenge is the reason why I originally wrote the article - Greasy Hair - Causes & Solutions.

Many rightly believe that when hair is greasy it helps to find some sort of dry shampoo or powder solution to blot us some of the grease and/or oil.  While a powder may definitely help neutralize grease and oils, many recommend baby powder or talcum powders as the best option.

Note: A great dry shampoo spray to try for greasy and/or oily hair is Rene Furterer's Naturia.

The reality?  Baby powder and talcum powders are definitely not the best powder option for soaking up grease or oil from your strands.  It was not designed to be used on tresses and may contain some hidden health risks.

Baby powder often will contain talc in the base formulation.  Some health experts believe talc can be unhealthy if inhaled on a regular basis.

If you use baby powder on your hair, how can you avoid inhaling it?  Right?  Also, some of the ingredients in baby powder may be an irritant for anyone with asthma or other long term breathing problems.

All Natural Powders For Removing Hair Grease

A better powder option is to use all natural cornstarch, powdered oatmeal, cornmeal powder or similar which is free of unnatural chemicals or additives.

Hair Color - Cleansing Powder Effects

Regardless of the type of hair cleansing powder you select,  it's important to consider the base color or your hair and the type of powder you apply to remove the grease.

Anyone with blonde or light colored hair will generally do fine with cornstarch, cornmeal or other lighter colored powders.

When hair is medium to dark brown, using a white colored powder can temporarily alter the base color unless you are meticulous about removing the powder.

Other Greasy Hair Secrets

1.  People with greasy hair often have greasy skin, forehead or a greasy scalp, which accelerates the movement of oils from the skin to the strands.

2.  The straighter your hair, the faster oil and grease will migrate from scalp and skin to strands.  The curlier and wavier your hair, the slower the migration of oils.

3.  Contrary to popular belief, a scalp massage done while you cleanse your hair can definitely help break up excessive oil that will ultimately end in your hair.

4.  Hair that is greasy on top may actually be dry on the ends.  To combat both situations use two different types of shampoo.  One that is designed for oily/greasy hair on top and one for dry hair on the ends only.

5.  Avoid adding conditioners to the top of your hair and concentrate only on the ends.

6.  Keep fingers away from the face.  The natural oils from your fingers can migrate to your face and ultimately to your hair.

7.  Wear hair away from face in ponytails or buns to minimize oil transfer.  When possible avoid wearing bangs or a facial fringe when oily scalp, hair or skin is a challenge.


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