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Heidi And Spencer Married

OK, I know the world according to The Hills will be buzzing like crazy about the fact Heidi and Spencer, you know, the villians on MTV's The Hills have just gotten married. Thanks to super celeb blogger, Perez Hilton, the news is spreading fast that the blonde couple eloped to Mexico on November 20th but kept it hush hush until today.

The sudden nuptials supposedly caught everyone, including Heidi's family off guard. According to those in the know, even though MTV swears The Hills are pure reality TV show, a lot of the scenes are "scheduled" and the reactions of the key characters are supposedly their true feelings.

Hmmmm. If that is really the case and I don't have any juicy juice to believe otherwise, it appears that Heidi's family are not big Spencer fans. Recent episodes showed Spencer in a talk-down with Heidi's concerned mom. Heidi's bosses have bad mouthed Spencer to Heidi's face and well we all know what her sister thinks, not to mention Lauren Conrad (LC) and her crew.

Talk about grabbing the media attention away from Twilight - if that was their goal Heidi and Spencer have scored a huge reality TV home run.

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