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Kim Raver Lipstick Jungle

Kim Raver Lipstick Jungle

Kim Raver has been co-starring in in the 2008 Fall season of NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle,”.

Kim portrays “Nico Reilly,” the editor-in-chief of the hot fashion magazine “Bonfire.”

Kim has told the media she "enjoyed filming Lipstick in New York" where she grew up.

The former 24 co-star noted how much she likes the fact the show is "about women and their relationships".

Unfortunately it was announced this week that Lipstick has been canceled due to lackluster ratings.

Kim's co-star Brooke Shields has told the media that she believes NBC will find a way to save the show. It's hard to say if that will really be the case. At this point it is fair to say the show is in limbo although many industry watchers believe it's over.

Ironically fiction has imitated real life with regards to Kim and character's fashion magazine - Bonfire.

Kim Raver Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle Cast

Currently fashion and women's magazines are struggling with low readership statistics which is causing some popular long-term titles to get pink slips.

Over the past years magazine titles like Jane, ElleGirl and CosmoGirl have ceased to exist. Event prestige publishing giant CondeNast has announced a hiring freeze.

Everyone in the publishing field is feeling the pinch. Including Kim Raver who found out recently that "Bonfire" was being taken out of circulation as was the entire Lipstick Jungle show.

Of course this is a matter of opinion but I felt Kim was great in her role as a hard-as-nails, no-nonsense businesswoman and magazine executive who played hard ball with the best of the boys club.

Her role as Nico was quite a stretch from a previous role she had on "Sesame Street" between the ages of 6 to 9.

That's right, the blonde beauty started years ago on the kid's programming network.

Her big break came with her Broadway debut in the play “Holiday” in which she co-starred with Laura Linney and Tony Goldwyn.

Kim Raver Lipstick Jungle

Kim Raver Lipstick Jungle

Kim's career has been sizzling hot over the past fews years. The blonde actress endeared herself to critics and viewers during the five years she starred as paramedic Kim Zambrano on the police-paramedic drama “Third Watch.”

Most recently, the actress starred for two seasons on the Emmy Award-winning drama “24” as Audrey Raines.

Her other television credits include lead roles on the dramas “The Nine” and “Trinity,” guest-starring roles in “The Practice,” “Spin City,” NBC’s “Law & Order,” and a recurring role on “Central Park West.”

In 2006, Kim appeared in the feature-film comedy hit “Night at the Museum,” opposite Ben Stiller and Robin Williams.

Her other film credits include “Prisoner,” opposite Julian McMahon, “City Hall” with Al Pacino, “Mind the Gap” (directed by Eric Schaeffer), and “Keep Your Distance,” directed by Stu Pollard.

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Kim also starred in the 2005 Lifetime movie “Haunting Sarah,” a chilling supernatural thriller in which she portrayed identical twins.

A key point to note regarding the Haunting Sarah is the fact Kim wore her hair in two very different hairstyles to make it clear which of the twins she was.

For one twin her hair was always worn up and for the other twin her hair was worn down.

Kim also co-starred with David Schwimmer and John Spencer in the Williamstown production of “The Glimmer Brothers,” written by Warren Leight.

What's next for Kim if Lipstick Jungle really is cancelled? There's no doubt the mega talented and gorgeous actress will quickly land in another role.

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