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Victoria Secret's Bra Scandal

It was recently revealed in the news that several women have made claims that wearing some Victoria Secret bras have caused a series of allergic reactions that have the women wanting to file a class action lawsuit against the world famous lingerie giant .

Victoria's Secret is famous for splashy TV spots with gorgeous supermodels such as Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen and Tyra Banks.

One United States based Victoria Secret customer has made claims that she became permanently scarred after wearing the Angels Secret Embrace bra which costs approximately $60 depending on a variety of factors.

The customer, Roberta Ritter (from Ohio) has claimed "I had the welts that were very red, hot to the touch, extremely inflamed blistery." She said the bra "itched profusely.  I couldn't sleep and was waking up itching".

Ms. Ritter from Ohio, has filed a lawsuit against Victoria's Secret in May and claims she has been contacted by dozens of women suffering similar symptoms who are now seeking permission to join her in a class action lawsuit against Victoria Secret.

Ms. Ritter's attorneys have claimed to have purchase the same bra types and had them laboratory tested. The attorneys claim the tests revealed the bras showed traces of formaldehyde, which is commonly used in the textile industry to provide crease resistance to many types of fabrics, including lingerie and bras.

Ms Ritter's attorneys believe she may be allergic to formaldehyde which could have caused her problems with the Victoria Secret bras.

Formaldehyde has come under attack recently for its inclusion in the popular Brazialian hair straightening process.  As a result of the formaldehyde fumes which have made some hair customers ill, the Brazialian treatment has fallen out of favor.

A spokesman for Victoria's Secret has denied that formaldehyde is used to produce its bras. "We have strict quality controls around our products, and we do not use formaldehyde in our bras," the company said in a statement.  "We are sorry that a small number of people have had an issue,' he added.

"Customer safety and satisfaction are always our primary concerns and we take seriously any issues that our customers may have with our products.'

A judge will decide next year if the lawsuit can be brought against Victoria's Secret.

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