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Ivanka Trump - Blonde, Beautiful, Brainy & Into Fashion

Ivanka Trump - Blonde, Beautiful, Brainy & Into FashionCould you ask for anything more?  The beautiful blonde Ivanka appears on the cover of the July issue of Town & Country magazine.

Does she look stunning?  Of course.  Is she wildly successful?  Another big affirmative.

(Image of Ivanka Trump - NBC All Star Gala - 01-17-08 - - all rights reserved).

Ironically, today, as I was schlepping uptown on Madison Avenue (in New York City) I trudged past the stunningly beautiful Ivanka Trump boutique.  I didn't stop because my puny Dallas, Texas (never walk anywhere) legs were giving out, it was about to rain for the second time and I knew that her prices were out of my league.

You may think Ivanka Trump is a spoiled rotten brat who was handed everything on a Donald Trump signature platter.  Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes of course having The Donald as her dad has helped open doors, but ultimately, Ivanka, has made her own success.

In a surprisingly informative article, written by Kristina Stewart Ward, in Town & County (T&C), Ivanka shared her vulnerabilities.  Although Ivanka grew up in The Donald's real estate empire, her father did not hand her the keys to the castle.  She had to earn them the hard way.  The beautiful blonde who stands "six feet three in heels" according to the article - Daddy's Little Girl - explains that during the Marla Maples scandal in 1990 she was swarmed by the tabloid reporters and photographers hoping to get a soundbite from the then eight year old child.

Ivanka explained it was "difficult for her parents...not being able to control the flow of information to us" during that stressful time.  At that tender age the former-model-turned-real-estate-executive had to deal with the famous quote from Marla about The Donald which was "the Best Sex I Ever Had".

The twenty-six year old Vice President of Real-Estate Development not only had to deal with throngs of paparazzi surrounding her very elite private school - Chapin - she had to read about the divorce of her beloved parents in the New York newspapers.

Ivanka, according to her friends, is a "nice person" whose "modesty and consideration for those around her, from family to collegeagues to household staff" is admirable.  She lives a very disciplined life rising before 6:00 am and walking to work, arriving by 7:00 am.

Ivanka does have an interesting lineage of friendships that span from her days at Chapin, Choate, Rosemary Hall, Georgetown and Penn's Wharton School.  The interesting part is that she has a handful of "best friends" named Lindsay or Lindsey.  She claims to have other friendships with non-Lindsays, but it's interesting to note her connection with females of that name.

Ivanka, for her cover shot, was photographed by John Huba, styled by Town & Country's mega-talented Kim Dimmock and had her buttery blonde highlighted tresses styled in a series of soft yet sexy styles by Max Pinnell at Bumble and Bumble in New York.  Her makeup was done by Tina Turnbow and her maincure by Ana-Maria for Onyx Salon & Spa at

Ivanka, which is a derivative of her mother's name - Ivana - wore a stunning Missoni silk dress and her own rock-crystal necklace priced at $19,750.  For the Town & Country article she also donned a Valentino taffeta dress ($5,390) and an Ivanka Trump earrings ($12,000).  She also showcased Ivanka Trump enamel and diamond bracelets ($26,500 each).

Being blonde, beautiful and talented has its price.  Ivanka told T&S "the first time I walked a construction job I was petrified that one of the workers was going to make catcalls and I didn't yet know how I would handle myself".  The Donald's daughter told T&C "I covered up - black suit, hair pulled back, that whole male-assimilation thing-to blend in a bit more."  However, "once I finally realized I was good at what I do, it was much easier to present myself in a way that really reflects me."

Ivanka shared her favorite things with Town & Country Magazine.  These include the following:

Her Dominant Closet Labels:

Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prive, Christian Louboutin (python sling-backs - $1,095 available at, Moschino, J. Mendel and Narciso Rodriquez.

Current handbag:

Armani purple crocodile day bag.

She Would Never Be Caught Dead In:

A crop top.

Favorite Floral Arrangement:

Classic white roses

Favorite New York Restaurant:

Supper (156 East 2nd Street)

For more on the gorgeous blonde, check out the July issue of Town & Country Magazine.  The only thing missing from this amazing article is details on how she gets her amazing hair highlights and buttery blonde looks.  But hey, this article, if you love Ivanka, will only make you a bigger fan.

Will her Ivanka Trump jewelry line take off?  No question.  This beauty has great fashion taste and all of her designs are mouth watering.

What's next for Ivanka Trump? Whatever she wants.  As she told Town & Country, she's not "off gallivanting through the South of France" because she's too busy creating her own name and reputation.

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