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Nancy Reagan's use of an astrologer to achieve maximum success and minimum failure during her husband's political career is documented. Many celebrities, sports stars and other prominent people, including business czars have been known to use astrologers, psychics and other non-traditional means to give them the edge in achieving their goals.

Most of these people won't talk about it and with good cause. They don't want their enemies or competitors to know what they are doing or use the same advantages.

For me, the use of astrologers, Feng Shui experts or psychics is not a new concept. I have always been willing to try just about anything, within reason, that is legal, moral or ethical, to help me achieve my goals.

My attitude about all things metaphysical started back at Bishop Du Bourg high school when I had a life threatening crush on one of my classmates. Once my feelings were known, the guy in question informed me that while he really liked me a lot, he was only interested in redheads, and I was a natural blonde.

At first I was chestfallen and then I was more motivated than ever to win his affections.

I did all the things that teenage girls do. I went on a diet, started working out and of course dyed my hair red. While I might have looked hot with a thinner body and better muscle tone, the red dye from the drugstore on top of my blonde hair turned it DayGlo orange. Not such a great look for me.

After the yucky orange faded, I was left back at square one with no positive results. Meanwhile my crush was dating two different redheads. I was mega bummed.

During that period of time I was sitting in the library when I backed my chair up to a shelf and a book fell literally on my head. I picked it up and it was Linda Goodman's book on astrology. I looked up my crush. He was a Libra. An AHA moment hit me. The clouds parted and the sun shone through. No wonder he rebuffed me. I was a Cancer and as Linda explained in her book, the two signs (Libra and Cancer) are not compatible.

Did her words of astrological wisdom stop me? Nope. I was determined to prove her and my intended crush completely wrong.

My strict Catholic parents were horrified when I lugged in a box of astrology books to study. Once I explained that farmers use the moon to plant and harvest crops, they were less worried that I had gone to the dark side and let me continue my research in to the sun, moon and stars.

After reading and studying the various books I realized that this was not going to be easy undertaking. Sun Sign books are only the teeny tip of the astrology iceberg. I did however uncover some male Libran traits that I incorporated into my pursuit of my male target.

Yes, I won his heart. Right after high school I won his attention and affection. Of course I then promptly was bored with my success and my crush. And yes, Linda was right, we were horribly incompatible but we parted on friendly terms. Afterall, Librans hate unpleasant scenes.

Meanwhile I decided that astrology had some hidden answers and have studied the discipline since that time. While I was still in St. Louis I actually practiced professionally (part time in my spare time), writing a monthly column for a California based teen magazine, doing radio call-in shows on KXOK radio (way back then) and appearing at lectures, fairs and even at a variety of corporate events and parties as the guest. I also lectured on cruise ships (NCL) which was quite a treat.

When I moved to Dallas I packed up my exploding collection of boxes of astrology books and retired my public practice. I no longer had time to devote to the daily study or to reading private astrology charts. I did continue to keep track of my own chart and the chart of my family and friends which I still do to this day.

I also keep an eye on the location of the Moon which has significant influence on daily happenings. A famous electional astrologer, Gilbert Navarro, taught me the importance of following the daily movement of the moon and its aspects to determine the best timing for a variety of activities.

Does it work? While it is not a guarantee of spectacular success, it definitely can help prevent major catastrophes and minimize potential trauma.

With any type of metaphysical study such as astrology, it takes many years of study and observation to be able to successfully delineate and predict results with decent accuracy. Just as various experts in a wide range of disciplines dedicate their lives to study, so do the hard core astrologers that practice professionally.

So how does the daily movement of the moon impact the office? You might be surprised. On days when the moon is in a beneficial sign with great aspects we get beneficial results. How? Sales are good, employees are more productive and customers are much easier to deal with. On days with the aspects are challenging, the daily events can be stress. A wide range of things may happen and somethings those things are truly crazy.

Yesterday was one of those "bad moon" days as a result of aspects the moon and Pluto shared. Pluto may no longer officially be a planet but it still knows how to make a mess.

It bestowed us with a shipment of products where the boxes were completely mangled and the products inside were damaged - always a pain in the you know what. Which means the gooey mess of products had to be repackaged and sent back to the manufacturer.

Also, the metal cage in the warehouse mysteriously ran off its track after 20 years of steadiness and effectively blocked part of the loading dock. No one knows when or how it happened, just that today the gates would not open.

In addition, two employees were MIA due to sudden illness and family issues. We also had a series of bizarre customer interactions. All can be linked directly or indirectly to the Moon and Pluto interactions.

What to do? Hang on until the interaction passes, which it always does after a few days and look forward to the next positive aspects which follow and bring wonderful events. Also, postpone doing anything you don't have to do until the challenging interactions have passed. Afterall, business is all about timing. If knowing how the daily Moon will help or harm can help fine tune timing, why not use it to your advantage?

Do my employees find our star gazing odd? Usually they find it a little strange until they see the results and then they are willing to keep an open mind. Of course Internet businesses like tend to attract more out-of-the-box thinkers anyway. So it usually is not a problem.

Of course I understand that not everyone is a believer but my motto has always been.....if it works and its harmless...why not give it a try?

My only regret is that tracking the daily lunar movements is very time consuming and I wish there was an easy way to keep up with the info. Of course in business with everything you do there is always a price to pay.

The question always boils down to, how high is the price and does the benefits outweigh the risks.  When it comes to the Moon its all about timing.  Don't believe me?  Check it out for yourself.

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