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LeAnn Rimes' Hairstyle

LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes' Hairstyle

LeAnn Rimes became a country singing sensation at the very young age of 15. From the beginning of her career LeAnn was taken under the wings of a fashion stylist who helped her hone her true fashion sense. Over the years since she was discovered, LeAnn has become a celebrity fashion plate.

When it comes to her hairstyles, LeAnn has developed a fabulous sense of what works for her hair and fashion style.

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LeAnn Loves To Do Her Own Hair

For special award shows LeAnn has her hair coiffed by top notch celebrity hairdressers. However, for non-Red Carpet events LeAnn has confessed she loves to do her own hairstyles. LeAnn prefers to wear her hair longer with carefully crafted layers because it offers more versatility.

Although the singing sensation looks spectacular with her hair worn up in a series of sensual twists and updo styles, she loves to wear her hair down and casually chic.

LeAnn Rimes

The tools LeAnn uses to create her soft casual styles? Curling irons and hot rollers. She also loves to pin her hair up in a casual twist.  Sometimes she uses rollers to create wet sets. More often than not LeAnn wears hair with loose texture on the edges.

Step By Step Instructions

Follow the steps listed below to recreate LeAnn's stunning style shown here:

1. Start by selecting a color safe shampoo with a formula to preserve any gorgeous blonde hues like LeAnn's current golden shade. Otherwise, select a shampoo that works with your current texture, type and condition of hair.

2. Apply a rinse out conditioner that works for your hair's normal texture, type and condition. Consider trying a color co-ordinated mask to intensify your existing color. Avoid heavy conditioners for hair that is fine or thin.

3. Finish with a cool/cold rinse to close the cuticle and help add natural shine.

LeAnn Rimes Side View4. Towel blot (never rub or rough dry) to remove excess water.

5. Coat damp strands with a customized styling product cocktail containing styling aides such as a defrisant, volume building mousse, gel or other styling products that work best with your hair texture and type.

6. Blow dry using a large round boar's bristle brush for strong, lasting support. Direct the air flow down from the roots towards the end to build in shine and smooth strands.

7. Use fingers to lift targeted sections of hair near the roots for desired volume and lift. Direct the air flow of the blow dryer down the hair from the ends to the roots to add lots of volume.

8. Use round brush to lightly roll the ends of the hair under while blow drying.

9. Finish blow drying with blast of cold air, if possible, which sets the style.

10. When hair is 100% dry, separate hair into individual 2" sections. Set on large hot rollers, or curl with a medium sized curling iron to add movement to the strands.

LeAnn Rimes Full View11. After working with each section,add perimeter curls with a curling iron. Release the curls from the curling iron.

Roll the newly formed curl with your fingers up towards your scalp. Pin into place to allow the curl to cool completely. Work around the entire head until all sections have been curled and pinned to the scalp. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

If you prefer curling with hot rollers, let the curlers completely cool before removing. Once all the rollers have been removed, let new curls dangle free before styling. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

12. Once curls are completely cool, use a tail comb or brush to create an off-center part like LeAnn's style.

13. Use your fingers or a boar's head brush to direct the hair into a very soft cascade of hair off the face with the ends nestling into the shoulders and cascading down towards the middle of the back.

14. Spray with a firm hold hairspray.

15. If necessary, use a medium barrel curling iron to touch up the ends of the style.

16. Apply a small drop of shine serum and lightly brush over the top of the finished style.

17. If you prefer, use a shine spray product and spray into the palms of your hands and then glide over finished style.

18. If desired, finish the look with a long lasting hairspray for a silky shine effect.

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