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The Apple iPhone Instant Photo Shoot

Yes - I know - I am beautiful...

Well let's put it this way: with the right lighting, some good make-up, a good stylist, and an excellent photographer - I am beautiful. Needless to say, I haven't been a part of any random photo shoots since that time at the Dallas Arboretum (long story)....and that one time after my cousin's wedding (another long story) ... and that one time in Cancun, but you get my drift.

So there I was, excitedly rushing off to meet one of my "rather hot guy friends" for dinner, and into the elevator I walk...The Apple iPhone Instant Photo Shoot

The Apple iPhone Instant Photo ShootEnter Max. Older, handsome for his age, clearly wealthy, no wedding ring, smells like a fine-aged wine. Probably because he was drinking the bottle as he made his way down to the parking garage.

I felt myself do one of those mini-whinces, trying to cover up the fact it was a reaction to the overwhelming smell of red wine - LOTS of The Apple iPhone Instant Photo Shootred wine - I quickly spouted, "Oh wow is that an iPhone?" "Yes", he said "In fact it's best feature is the camera - here let me show you - pose for me gorgeous- it's my birthday."

So what's a girl to do? A myriad of thoughts start whirling through my head. What if I say no and he dies tomorrow? It's his birthday for goodness sakes...

Among my giggles he managed to squeeze in an amazing 12 photos. Proud of himself, he kindly thanked me for making his 62nd birthday one to remember.

As he walked to his car he said, "I'll have to write Apple and tell them their amazing phone draws super-models to the user - you made my day."

And with that last statement, I thought - No Max, you just made my day.

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