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Writing About Hair All Night Long - Academy Award Hair Buns


Geez…I started writing articles at shortly after midnight thinking I would only write for an hour. I popped on my headphones and my fav playlists from Napster and next thing I know its 4:53 am. How did that happen? Yes, I got a lot of new content written but sheesh…I had no idea that time was flying by.

What was I writing about you ask? I was writing notes and researching the Academy Award winners from years past which took some time.

It was interesting to note that many of the winners strolled up to pick up their golden Oscars while wearing their hair up in a variety of buns. Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta Jones wore them when they won as did Jennifer Connolly when she won for Best Supporting Actress in 2002.

One of the most notable hair bun wearers was Julia Roberts (2001) who had a very unusual bun that seemed to be a modified bouffant that was attached to her head a few inches back from her hairline and was wrapped in the back into what seemed like a type of twist or bun. Of course her dress was stunning but her hairstyle definitely was noteworthy.

Gwyneth Paltrow also had her hair up in a type of Ballerina Bun when she won her Oscar while wearing the infamous pink gown. Kate Hudson, who did not win the Oscar had her hair in a wild array of ringlets which were also pinned up.

I pondered the question….did the many female celebrities who wore their hair up in buns or twists do so because it was more elegant, it showed off the opulant borrowed earrings and other jewels or because it was the Hollywood way?

Many women, when they are going to a special event….whether a prom, wedding, black tie party of Hollywood awards show….likes to look finished and polished. Obviously a fabulous updo, bun or twist translates into those images.

Of course I have my TIVO set for tonight’s Academy Awards. I will be on bun alert and will note who did or did not go with the historical upswept Oscar hair. Stay tuned. I certainly will be.

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