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Like so many events in my life, finding myself sitting in the waiting room at one of the many Dallas metro based beauty (cosmotology) schools near the end of July happened purely by "accident". One of my employees who is currently in night beauty school was seriously considering transferring to a new school. I decided to go with my employee when he visited a well-known school because I was very curious. Also, I always had a secret desire to attend beauty school myself and figured this would be my chance to check one out.

In the past I had actually visited several beauty schools at the urging of Hillary, a former employee (now a full time make-up artist) who thought I definitely should go to school and get my cosmetology license. I had not been impressed enough with any of the schools I had visited to make the committment to actually go.

So there I was, waiting to receive a tour at a "very prestigeous, big name" school in a Dallas suburb with my employee. The building was very impressive and I could feel the fabulous energy at the school. Being around all that hair was making me feel a little high since I love the hair biz so much.

The lovely woman in charge of meeting and greeting prospective students met us promptly and gave us the grand tour. She was beautifully coiffed with gorgeous highlights and lowlights. She obviously loved her job and the school. Her enthusiam was so infectious that I heard myself tell her that I was also interested in attending the Night Cosmo classes. Next thing I knew, I was plunking down my deposit for my enrollment package. I left with the enrollment package for the next Evening Cosmo Classes which started in less than two weeks. Ironically, my employee could not swing a transfer due to prior school loan and VA issues.

Huh? Was I nuts? My life was already so crazy busy, how could I possibly make time for night school?

After walking through the entire building, talking about the costs of tuition and the amount of time night school takes to finish the cosmetology coursework for taking the state boards (18 months) I could barely contain myself. I wanted to be at that school And I wanted it bad. I was completely wowed.

The building is gorgeous and all of the classrooms are equipped with the latest tools. This school also offers esthetics classes for students wishing to take skin care classes.

Going home I decided that maybe I should hit the pause button and thing about this crazy idea of mine. Yes, I love hair and have always wanted to legitimize my 10 year career in the hair world with a license. But was I too old? Could I make the time? Was I completley crazy?

Buying myself some breathing room I decided to check out all the other "major" hair schools in the same area. I have always been fascinated with barber school and checked into that as well. However, the more I researched the other school options I was still blown away by the first school I visited. Even though they were much more expensive, they did everything First Class.

I decided to go for it and make it happen. After all life is too short to pass up a one of your dreams.

This blog will record my journey into the world of cosmetology school. Because I signed an NDA that I would not talk about my school, I am not allowed to mention the name of the school. However, I did get express permission to blog about my experiences as long as I did not mention actual names. Which I will honor.

I hope you will stop by from time to time to see what I am experiencing. I promise it will not be boring.

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