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Farouk Systems Hosts 2007 Distributor Meeting

Introduction - Farouk Systems Hosts 2007 Distributor Meeting

Farouk ShamiNBC_250h Farouk Shami - Farouk Systems

Houston, TX – In January 2007, Farouk Systems hosted its annual National and International Distributor meeting in Houston, TX.

During this 2 day event, the company’s distributors, sales force and educators from around the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe were given a sneak preview of launches earmarked for 2007.

Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman welcomed everyone with his keen insight into the industry and his company, Farouk Systems USA. Proudly, he stated that it is an honor to serve this industry. According to Mr. Shami, “It is our life, it is our past, it is our present and it is our future.”

Mr. Shami began his success story with the introduction of SILK. To date BioSilk Silk Therapy is the company’s number one selling product around the world and has attained numerous consumer and stylists awards.

Next, he entered into a partnership with NASA which brought the birth of CHI and additional consumer and stylists awards for the CHI Ceramic Flat Iron. Mr. Farouk Shami calls for 2007 to be the “Distribution Revolution” with many additions, changes and appointments.

What will be new for 2007?

1. Farouk Systems Group will contain 3 new divisions and appointments; the CHI Professional Company, BioSilk/SunGlitz Company and the CHI Nail Lacquer Company.

2. Russell Walker will serve as President of Sales and will oversee Jason Yates, Vice President of the CHI Professional Company, Scott Emery, Vice President of BioSilk/SunGlitz Company, Shelia Gadwood, Vice President of Chains and soon to be announced Vice president of the CHI Nail Lacquer Company.

3. Sales incentives for 2007 include a CHI Ford Mustang and a BioSilk Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

4. Dr. Morrison former NASA Scientist will be introducing new light wave technology.

Farouk Shami Farouk Shami

Shauky, Gulamani, President of Marketing helped present each new division’s Sales and Marketing plans for 2007. Presentations by Kathryn Kihle, Marketing Manager informed everyone of the new product launches scheduled for this year.

Some of these launches include: the new BioSilk image plus products and tools, additions to the CHI Nano Silver line, and the CHI Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron.

Next, a public relations presentation by publicist, Janice McCafferty gave insight into all of the media coverage obtained by her company, Jessica Taylor Media.

Mr. Gulamani also confirmed the company’s commitment to the industry, its distributors, its sales force, educators and employees. No company can experience growth without providing the tools and support needed to grow your businesses.  Mr. Gulamani’s goal for 2007 is a100% increase!

More About Farouk Systems

Farouk Systems USA is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality ceramic tools. Farouk Systems USA's close involvement with NASA has providedFaroukd with the knowledge and technology necessary to offer the beauty industry tools far superior and advanced than the rest of the competition.

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