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Goldwell Topchic Neutralights

Introduction - Goldwell Topchic Neutralights

Goldwell TopChic Hair Color Goldwell TopChic Hair Color

Goldwell Topchic Professional Hair Color was the 2002 Winner Of The Stylist Choice Award.  Topchic is a permanent alkaline hair color which provides superb durable accurate and high quality color results.

Topchic provides predictable highlighting results.  It's specifically formulated and manufactured for professional hair colorists to offer to their consumer hair color clientele.

It provides the ability to achieve target color every single time.   Goldwell Topchic offers impeccable color.  It's is infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol to add strength and shine to tresses.

With no pre-lightening required, Topchic can be performed in as little as 15 minutes with one easy step to achieve the desired effect.  It can easily create natural neutral brown and dark blonde with no brassiness.

Formulated with Color Link, a patented technology which allows color molecules to "link" together, it's Patented Penetration System ensures even pigment distribution from scalp to ends.  It also provides total coverage and exceptional results which are right on target.

Goldwell Master Palette - Precision Measurement

One key advantage to utilizing Topchic is the precision measurement.  Topchic is a unique professional hair color tool designed for ease of use and predictability.   All Goldwell hair color is aligned with the Goldwell Master Palette. The Color Depot System guarantees exact dispensing and mixing and is unique to Goldwell products. Gray Hair Coverage

Goldwell Topchic Color Tubes Goldwell Topchic Color Tubes

Another one of Topchic's best features is the exceptional way it covers gray hair.  Gray hair is historically difficult to color.  It's also difficult to hold the color for any extended period of time.

This is not the case with Topchic.  Stubborn grey temples and related areas of the hair are colored as completely as all of the other hair.

There is no line of demarcation between the gray and non-gray strands.  Even better, once Topchic color is applied to gray strands, the color doesn't fade or slide off quickly.  The color is long lasting.

Topchic is gentle when applied to all strands.  It doesn't dry out or damage delicate tresses.

The names of the Goldwell Topchic Neutralights color codes include:

Violet Ash - Produces unique golden caramel tones on medium to light brown levels.

Blue Ash - Gives you brilliant chocolate tones for dark to medium brown base levels.

Green Ash - Lets you create rich mocha tones on black to dark brown natural base eves.

Ash Ash - Let you create the best possible natural results on black to medium brown natural base levels.

Summary - Goldwell Topchic Neutralights

Goldwell Topchic Neutralights is very easy to mix and apply.  It provides extensive and long lasting color to all types of hair, including the most stubborn gray strands.

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