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KMS California Announces North American Casting Call

KMS California Announces North American Casting Call


Innovative Professional Hair Care Line Seeks Open-Minded, Independent-Minded and Multi-Faceted Individuals Who Want Freedom to Self-Express

Baltimore - January 3rd, 2006 - KMS California, an international leader in professional haircare, today announced a North American casting call to search for individuals to represent the company's new brand and product line.

Individuals who embody individuality and self-expression are invited to pre-register for the casting call at

The first 2,000 people to successfully pre-register will win a free, exclusive "I Am KMS California" t-shirt. In addition, the person who refers the most friends to successfully register throughout the duration of the contest will win a one-year supply of KMS California products.

The "I Am KMS California" contest officially kicks-off on February 1, 2006, inviting women and men from the United States and Canada to enter for a chance to represent the brand.

Inspired by individuality and lifestyle, KMS California celebrates the fusion of cultures and diversity with nine multi-faceted product lines to help individuals achieve versatile looks each and every day, allowing them to define what beautiful is for themselves.

"I Am KMS California" Winners

kmshairplayspray_83_250h1Individuals are invited to submit their 250-1,000 word entries and images at by no later than March 31, 2006, detailing how they freely express themselves and exemplify individuality, as well as why they should be selected to represent the new KMS California brand.

The "I Am KMS California" contest will culminate at a final event in New York City at the end of April, where eighteen finalists will compete to become one of the six new faces of KMS California.

The winners will be rewarded with an all-expense-paid a trip for two to New York City for the KMS California launch event, a one-year supply of all nine KMS California sublines, as well as media exposure surrounding the event and promotional events throughout the year.

Fusion - The Union Of Differences - Creates Beauty

"KMS California believes that fusion - the union of differences - creates beauty. We provide consumers with the tools to help them achieve the versatile look they want and show off their own beauty and individuality," commented Andrew Biazis, president and CEO of KPSS, Inc. North America. "This casting call opens the door for individuals to express themselves and make KMS California a part of their everyday lifestyle."

The new KMS California sublines honor the diversity of individuals. Each product line is infused with exotic combinations of native, natural ingredients and specific support ingredients that are designed to stimulate consumers on multiple sensory levels.

Inside Out Perfecting System

KMS California has also developed a new technology, IOPS - Inside Out Perfecting System - a powerful nutrient delivery system that works in tandem with the native and specific support ingredients, penetrating deep into the hair for a healthier and shinier look.

Additionally, all products within the sublines feature a new, innovative look, fragrance and feel, and are aimed to enhance each individual's versatile personality and support all ethnicities and hair types.

KMS California's Nine Sublines

Following is an overview of KMS California's nine new exciting sublines that allows consumers to celebrate their own individuality and beauty.

SilkSheen - For individuals with all hair types seeking soft, silky and shiny hair. {{asin=B005JDPGVQ,text=SilkSheen}} features a mixture of almond and basil, which supports silkening, enhances shine and protects against environmental damage.

MoistRepair - For individuals with dry, damaged or brittle hair seeking repair and moisture. The fusion of aloe and vanilla in MoistRepair helps replenish moisture balance and conditions damaged hair.

AddVolume - For individuals seeking volume and body in their hair, this unique fusion of eucalyptus and cinnamon helps creates volume and fullness.

ColorVitality - For individuals with color treated hair seeking color protection and radiance. The unique combination of {{asin=B00A2IXR5U,text=lilac and ginger}} helps calms the scalp and assists in gently cleansing the hair while protecting from UV rays.

ColorVitalityBlonde -  For blondes seeking enhanced tone and brilliance. The unique combination of rhubarb and lavender dually enhances blonde tones and calm the scalp.

HeadRemedy - For individuals in search of solutions for specific hair and scalp needs:

Dandruff Shampoo - The fusion of rosemary and fennel helps to sooth itching and provides antibacterial benefits to the scalp.

Clarifying Shampoo - Together, the combination of sage and pear assist in cleansing chlorine, oils and product build up from the hair.

Sensitive Shampoo/Scalp Treatment - Olives and Chamomile work to help calm the scalp and provides gentle conditioning to the hair.

Additional KMS Products

FlatOut  - For individuals with coarse and/or frizzy hair seeking straighter, smoother hair. FlatOut blends figs and jojoba, providing smoothness and intense conditioning to the hair.

CurlUp - For individuals who want to manage or enhance their curly, wavy or permed hair. CurlUp combines orange and mint to enhance curls and calm the scalp.

HairPlay -  For individuals of all hair types in need of flexible hold, texture and pliability on any style. This unique styling line includes the following two combinations:

Grape and Peppermint - Provides an effective barrier between the hair and the environment

Lime and Cilantro - Supports the hold and flexibility in styling products.

HairStay - For individuals with all hair types with seek hold and control on any style. A blend of pomegranate and pepper, as well as cranberry and pepper, helps to support the hold and protects against the environment.

More About KMS California

KMS California is a recognized leader in the professional salon industry for its selection of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products.

Its nine sublines include SilkSheen, AddVolume, CurlUp, FlatOut, ColorVitality, HeadRemedy, MoistRepair, HairPlay and HairStay, each featuring their own unique combination of natural ingredients and innovative technologies.

KMS California has developed a new innovative technology, IOPS - Inside Out Perfecting System, which is a nutrient delivery system that allows reconstructive and conditioning agents to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to reveal more vibrant and healthier looking hair from the inside out.

KMS California is distributed in North America by KPSS, Inc. KMS California is owned by KPSS, Inc. (Kao Professional Salon Services), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kao Corporation. KPSS, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of professional hair products, including KMS California and Goldwell. The company's North American headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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