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Wella Trend Watch For 2004


What inspires you? Is it graffiti painted on a city wall, traveling to a foreign land, or Asian art?

For the past eight years, Wella has retained a world-renowned trend-forecasting agency, Trend Union, Paris to research and report trend predictions for the coming year, known as "mega trends."

Globally acclaimed hair stylists are then invited to Wella's annual Trend Vision workshop, where they create their interpretations of the mega trends.

Their visionary creations are the foundation of these latest styles brought to life by Wella Creative Directors Christopher and Sonya Dove and a team of stylists.

Tales of Folk

We're looking back to a time when life was uncomplicated, family values were emphasized and leisurely activity was common.

The Look: Hair is full, luxuriant and bursting with healthy vitality.

Natural, rich colors ranging from shimmering blondes to fiery reds and warm browns are complemented by golden highlights, giving the impression that the hairstyle is bathed in its own "light." The cut and length vary enormously, reflecting the natural character of the trend. Volume (both waves and curls) is the quintessence of the cuts: The hair is either wild and free, or confined in messy, uncomplicated ponytails, braids, knots, perhaps with ribbons accentuating the overall effect.

Secret Affairs

Human sexuality, Asian traditions and curvy figures motivate this exotic and sensual look.

The Look: Aristocratic, sexy, medium-to-long hair falls over the shoulder in rich waves that hug the neck in a straight line or in sensually tied knots. Hair can also be styled with precise cuts that have a Far Eastern elegance, culminating in a perfectly cut fringe. The colors are dark and chic, ranging from warm browns and rich reds to the graceful simplicity of black. Subtle highlights gleam like precious metals, and a haze of color bathes the hair in an aura of light. Whether a stylishly arranged mass of curls, beautiful contours or a straight, severe cut, it is the incomprehensible sheen that gives these hairstyles their irresistible charm.

Urban Manifesto

This punk rock style is screaming with individuality, attitude and confidence.

The Look: Hair is shining in a colorful spectrum of contrasting tones.

Whether completely colored with hard black, cold white, intensive red, metallic blue or streaks that shimmer provocatively, the range of possibilities seems endless. The same playfulness is apparent with length as it is with color: Hair is cut short or long, preferably asymmetrically. Styling is marked by contrasts: Disobedient curls, straight hair, combed backwards, forwards, downwards, styled into spikes or separated into individual strands. The new urban attitude is striking and free of any constraints or rules.

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