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Victoria Secret's Marisa Miller Works Hard To Stay In Shape


Marisa Miller Gary Unmarried

Supermodel Marisa Miller, 30, has a long association with Shape Magazine. She was the stunning cover girl for their Summer 2009 cover. Even more importantly, her first magazine cover, ever, was the 2002 cover of Shape Magazine.

Marisa told Shape in 2009 "a lot of people believe that because I'm curvy-and blonde-I've had a boob job or some other kind of plastic surgery, which isn't true" says the California native.

The blonde beauty explained to Shape "I'm 100% natural, but I have to work hard to stay in shape. She said "there's no magic pill. If there was, I'd know about it."

Her number one tip for looking spectacular? "Get active, the sooner the better."

Marisa has a secret weapon. Her mother was actually working out when she went into labor with the supermodel.

Her mother was dedicated to physical fitness and both of her parents were devoted to surfing. In fact, her own love of surfing was inherited from her parents.

Marisa's fitness mantra? "Working out is not a luxury, it's a necessity."

Marisa also shared her top ten secrets for staying in shape which include:

1. Never Run On Empty - She always eats breakfast and carries Gnu or fiber bars to make sure she never gets too hungry which of course prevents binging.

Marisa Miller The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien Episode 111 11/24/2009

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep - Marisa always shoots for a solid eight hours of sleep to prevent messing with the metabolism.

3. Give Into Temptation - Planned treats will prevent random binging and Marisa understands the value of giving in from time to time.

4. Slather on Sunblock - To make sure she's always protected Marisa slathers on the sunblock first thing out of the shower.

5. Take A Cold Shower - For a quick energy burst and great tight skin Marisa stands under a cold shower.

6. Buy The Right Bra - Wearing the right bra size will improve posture and actually make you look better in your clothes.

7. Be Flexible With Your Workouts - Marisa keeps things interesting by shaking things up with a variety of different exercises.

8. Don't Eat Like Your Guy - Men have faster metabolisms so be careful not to eat like your guy does. That could be dangerous to your waistline.

Marisa Miller

9. Fake The Sun - Marisa depends on self tanners for her beautiful glow. She religiously avoids the sun and doesn't fake bake. Applying the proper self tanner will give the best fake bake.

10. Cook When You Can - Think ahead and have all the necessary ingredients available so you can always cook a healthy meal and avoid diet busting temptation.


Marisa believes that with a proper plan you can streamline your health and beauty plan in a few minutes per day. Marisa also believes that surfing is her magic fitness bullet. She loves doing it so it doesn't feel like exercise and it keeps her looking sculpted from head to toe.

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