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Tamara's Hair Story


Tamara was one of the first lovely long haired ladies that I met when I found "hair" on the net. I actually discovered Tamara on Frank's Long Hair Site. She has been the Week's Lady at least twice that I know of.

I liked Tamara right away and came to discover our birthdays were pretty close together. I also discovered that we shared a common profession in the computer world. Tamara is a fan of Aveda hair care products which are my favorites.

Tamara has a great "hair disaster" story and maybe someday we can get her to tell that story for Hair Boutique (hint hint). I know you will all be amazed at what happened. It is quite a story.

Tamara was, and still is, a fountain of hair knowledge. Tamara was very generous in sharing all her tips and hair experiences. She is a lot of fun and has a great sense of humour and a very kind heart. She will help anyone with hair questions because she will be the first to tell you that she has had to find her own way through the hair growing jungles.

Tamara actually visited Dallas and unfortunately I did not get to meet her.

Maybe next time.

I know you will enjoy her gorgeous photos. I have been watching Tamara grow her hair for the past 18 months and I can tell you that I have never seen it look so beautiful as it does now.

Thank you Tamara for sharing this wonderful photo essay with us.


I had long hair in grades 1 to 5 but then my mother had it cut off. I don't know why because I took care of it myself but she insisted. It seems strange to me now but even though I have always liked long hair it wasn't until I was 31 when I decided to seriously grow my hair long.

My mother was not a supporter of my decision to grow my hair. In self-defense I learned many hairstyles and always wore my hair up when I was around her. It worked, she stopped telling me to cut my hair. There were added benefits to wearing my hair up, I find that I am taken more seriously at work and no one has suggested I should cut my hair. In fact many people express surprise when I do wear it down because they don't "see" me with long hair even though they "know" that the hairstyles would require it. They also exclaim over how long it is (waist length) which is funny to me because I think it is too short and hardly thick enough (I would like it to be three times as long and twice as thick).

My mother has finally accepted my hair mostly because other family issues have captured her attention - my niece (9) is growing out her hair. I have told my niece to start wearing her hair up to avoid cutting comments from all and sundry. She has already learned a few and is working on the French braid.

I have a locally produced braiding book, long hair video tapes and a vivid imagination. I'm sure Karen can suggest other references from beginner to advanced. I practiced for months to "get" some of the more elaborate styles (not included in this batch of photos) because I am a firm believer that a hairstyle should take no more than ten minutes to do when you want it. The five "styles" here are just a teaser and I hope they will inspire longhaired folks and their admirers to start playing. Enjoy.

Duchess Braid

The first hairstyle is called the Duchess braid (in my book anyway). This is a great hairstyle for those who are growing out their bangs and/or layers. It is a wonderful alternative to headbands. I find it quite tricky to keep the bangs out but I look goofy without bangs. Take a one-inch section from ear to ear and starting at one ear English braid it feeding hair on one side only.

Hairstyle #2

The next hairstyle doesn't have a name. I have a stubborn center part. To change it I have to restrain the section that I moved otherwise I'd have a center part again soon after leaving the bathroom. The braid is an alternative to a barrette or a comb.

Two-Strand Rope

The third hairstyle is a Two-strand Rope. It's fast, it's easy and it looks more complicated to do than it really is.

Two-Strand Rope Coiled Up

The fourth hairstyle is the Two-strand Rope coiled up and held with a hair stick. It's a great evening look. I warn you now I LOVE hair sticks.

Tamara's Favorite

The fifth hairstyle is my current favorite. It is classic, easy and extremely comfortable. Braid your hair starting at the nape of your neck and tie it off (make sure the tail is small). Twist it into a figure-8 at the nape of your neck tucking the tail under. Stab the whole thing with a stick making sure you catch the tail just above the tie-off. Voila! A portable neck roll, great for dozing travelers.

tamara_final1t.jpg (3585 bytes)
tamara_final2t.jpg (3734 bytes)
tamara_final3t.jpg (3279 bytes)
tamara_final4t.jpg (3678 bytes)
tamara_final5t.jpg (3806 bytes)

Tamara in Calgary, Canada

tamara_extrat.jpg (2982 bytes)

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