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Image of Magnetic Jeweled Stars

So, you think all the stars are in Hollywood or in the sky? Forget about it! You can have your own. Hair Boutique now has magnetic jeweled stars for your hair, ears, or clothes!

As you've no doubt been seeing, hair jewelry is very big now, and you'll see everyone from store clerks to celebrities wearing some form of hair gems.

Hair Boutique's silver stars come six to a set, and are pave-set with glorious crystals, one each in silver-white, iridescent gold, deep purple, luscious red, emerald green, and sapphire blue.

Note: I promise you, the photo to the right is a really poor representation of just how gorgeous these jewels are in person.

They come boxed in high-quality black velvet boxes, suitable for gifts or your own little jewel box.

The stars are backed with small round magnets so that you can wear them in your hair and never worry about losing them. They come with a little instruction card that explains how the little jewels work.

They make fantastic earrings as well--the magnets keep them firmly in place. Try wearing a couple sprinkled on a tank top like pins, on a lapel, or around the neckline of a dress.

Jane Goes for the Stars

Image of Magnetic Jeweled Stars

Karen showed me a set of the stars and I just had to have some. So I tried the stars myself. I have a great black trapeze dress with vertical lines of glitter running through it, and wanted something really special to wear with it.

Even I, the undisputed Jewelry Queen in these parts, was stumped until I saw these stars. I love vibrant colors, and these stars just radiate rich, gorgeous hues!

So, I tried on my dress and my highest heels, then put on the silver and gold stars as earrings (and by the way, they really stay on well!), spiked my hair up and placed the red, purple, blue, and purple stars above my bangs. The effect was, I may modestly say, stunning.

Magnets in My Hair?

How well do these little magnets hold the stars, you may ask? Let me answer that with my own private field test. While wearing the stars in my hair and on my ears, I:

  • Jumped up and down several times
  • Shook my head violently from side to side
  • Put on "Jump, Jive and Wail" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra and danced
  • Stood on my head (I don't recommend this while wearing a dress unless you really want attention)

Trust me--put them on and they are there to stay. In fact, the magnets are so strong that if you put two of them back to back, they repel each other and go flying.

When you get your stars, the best way to remove them from the velvet backing is to gently slide the star off, using one finger, and the magnet will follow.

Party Time

Image of Magnetic Jeweled Stars

Hair Boutique's beautiful magnetic stars are perfect for the holidays, or any time you feel like celebrating. The stars also make wonderful gifts!

They come boxed in lush black velvet, and make a great presentation. Any gift from a bride's gift to her bridal attendant to Christmas or birthdays, the stars are beautiful, elegant and classy and make a fabulous gift.

Everyone from great-grandmas to pre-teens will adore these heavenly stars! Grab your own slice of Hollywood and treat yourself to the stars!

Stars For Hair Are Very Hot On The Fashion Scene

Hair's timing is impeccable. At the recent Fall 1999 fashion shows several models pranced down the runways with their updos and braids adorned with all sorts of stars from small to very large.

Stars are definitely a very hot hair accessory for 1999-2000. The photo to the left is from the Gianni Molaro Autumn 1999 Collection. The updo hairstyle & hair colors were done by L'Oreal.

Image of Magnetic Jeweled Stars

How To Buy The Magnetic Stars?

The magnetic stars (or if you prefer, magnetic hearts & flowers) are listed in the Hair Boutique's Marketplace.

Simply select the jewelry item you are interested in, fill out the credit card order form and viola, your magnetic stars will be sent to you without 24 hours. Karen and Jeff personally fill every order. In fact, yours truly will be helping to pack and ship orders during Christmas.

The bad news is that I may buy out their jewelry store. The good news, I will get to see the latest jewels as Karen snags them from her jewelry designer.

All you have to do is enjoy all the compliments.

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