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Spring Hair 2008 - Trending Towards Medium To Long Hairstyles


Ali Costello LA Rift Movie Premiere 05-02-08

At the recent Los Angeles movie premiere of Rift, shorter hairstyles were in very short supply.

If anything, the Red Carpet was swarming with stunning celebrities showcasing long lush strands. Whether they were extensions, clip-ons, weave or lace front wigs, it really doesn't matter. It appears that except in a very few cases, the Hollywood hair trend setters are holding on tight to those lovely lush long strands.

Even more interesting is that appearance of lots of texture in the form of curls, waves and lots of fat sassy hair volume. One of the key actresses in the movie, Ali Costello, wore her tresses off her face with a short zig zag part with lots of volume and soft waves.

Other Rift female performers including Jennifer Chan, Paola Menacho and Evalee Getz all had shoulder length or longer tresses. Paola wore her hair in a natural style with lots of glorious curls cascading down her back.

15th Annual Race To Erase MS Charity

Lily Collins 15th Annual Race To Erase MS Charity Gala 05-02-08

Meanwhile at the 15th Annual Race To Erase MS Charity Gala, the stars sashayed down the runways and posed on the Red Carpets with even more yards of hair and lots of sexy, sassy volume and texture.

Model and aspiring actress Lily Collins was stunning with long waist length cascading wavy tresses.

Desperate Housewives Cutie Andrea Bowen wore her butter blonde hair in loose curls which edged down towards the middle of her back. Men In Trees star Anne Heche was sporting much longer blonde locks that she had softly coiffed to one side.

Ali Landry 15th Annual Race To Erase MS Charity Gala 05-02-08

Keeping with the much longer hair trends was Actress Ali Landry who wore her chestnut hair in undulating ripples of lush waves that extended down her back toward her waist.

The combination of the lush waves with the length was truly eye popping.

Joining the Hollywood Spring 2008 long hair brigade was Daisy Fuentes with her lush curls and waves extending from a base with lots of volume and ending below her shoulders.

Although Josie Bisset had short strands and Lisa Rinna rocked her normal shag style, the majority of the women at the 15th Annual Race Charity Gala wore their hair down in lush textures with lots of length. Long hair was definitely the trends.

TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party

On May 1st it was a night in Hollywood to celebrate TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party. The event was help at Katsuya and S Bar and was attended by some of the biggest celebrity names in TV.

Just like at the Rift Movie Premiere and the 15th Annual Race To Erase MS, the majority of the female stars rocked long lush hairstyles, usually full of textures that added old Hollywood Glamour. Yes, there were a few that had short strands including Josie Bisset who must be out making the Hollywood scene, and Tia Mowry who had a sassy short do, but many of the stars had sizzling long tresses.

Katee Sackoff - Long & Lush

Katee Sackhoff TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party 05-01-08

One most noticeable star with especially long strands was SciFi cutie Katee Sackhoff who has been known to tell the media that she likes to wear her hair longer but has not been able to due to her role on Battlestar Galactica. In fact, in a 2006 interview she confessed to fighting with the Battlestar producers hoping to keep her longer tresses. No such luck.

However, Katee did wear her hair longer in her short lived role on Bionic Woman, which may or may not come back in the Fall. It was short lived due to the Writers Strike.

At the TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party she wore her butter blonde hair with lots of vanilla nougat and light caramel highlights and lowlights. The color was gorgeous as was the soft curls and waves that nestled down around her shoulders and to the tops of her cleavage. No wonder Katee loves wearing her hair long. With her prominent chin the long tresses gives her a very sensual look.

Bettina Bush & Others

Bettina Bush TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party 05-01-08

Besides Katee, Bettina Bush also was showing off her very long wavy chocolate brown tresses. She wore her hair pulled towards the front in a cloud of hair that softened her face.

Actress Amber Stevens wore her dark brunette strands with a sassy sideswept fringe and embellished with a shimmering headband. The length extended to the middle of her back and was full of carefully arrange waves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Karina Smirnoff, Kristi Yamaguchi, Sarah Shahi and Olivia Wilde were just a few of the other female stars present sporting a variety of long lush strands.

Sarah Shahi TV Guide's Sexiest Stars Party 05-01-08

While a few stars did appear with medium hairstyles, they were in the major minority. Only a handful had shorter hairstyles. Even bangs of all kinds were very rare.

Hair and beauty experts who have reported that short hair is going to be the craze for Spring 2008 may be been slightly off the mark. The other possibility is that celebrities are taking advantage of hair extensions and sizzling clip-in hair to instantly change their lengths.

The availability of fabulous clips-ins, fusion hair extensions and lace front wigs may mean that even if celebs and stars get shorter cuts, they can change the length virtually overnight. Which may mean the end to major length fads in Hollywood.

However, at the present time, the Spring 2008 hair trends appears to be long, lush and chock full of waves, curls, volume and lots of bend. Bangs seems to be receding to the side-swept variety.

Of course as Ashlee Simpson says "only time will tell" what happens as 2008 unfolds.


Spring 2008 has shown a trend for hair to go much longer, lush and full of waves and curls. Texture and volume is back in.

Bangs are still popular but are trending more towards side-swept and angled. Will short hair sweep the dominant hair trends before 2008 ends? Anything's possible but for now, hang onto those hair extensions, take those hair vitamins and let your hair show off its natural textures.

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