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Short Hair Style Challenges


Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Gamine Haircut WB's Charmed

Like every other type of hair, short hairstyles come with their own built-in challenges. While short hairstyles can be a breeze to maintain on a daily basis, they can be more demanding on a monthly term.

Short hairstyles can look absolutely stunning right out of the salon, but hair always grows and once tresses extend to a certain point, a precision bob, shag, pixie, chop or crop will start to lose its finely crafted shape.

Layers that are growing out in a short style can be especially troublesome if not managed properly.

Although layers in your short do might have looked absolutely fabulous while you were sitting in the salon chair, when you got home and started to work with your new style, you might have discovered that the layers were not to your liking in the harsh reality of your bathroom mirror. You might also have discovered that they were slightly uneven, hard to manage or you just didn't like the way that they looked.

Yes it's true that short hair layers, as they grow out, can also pose some additional issues. There are several options to harness out of control strands. These include:

Kelly Osbourne With Wide Bandeau Style Headband

1. Create Texture To Blend Shorter Strands Into Longer Ones.

Regardless if you're growing out your layers between hair cuts or growing them out to one length on a more permanent basis, create texture in your tresses to instantly blend the layers with the rest of your style.

Whether you use a round brush and blow dry your tresses to add bend, or use hot rollers, a curling iron or hook and latch style rollers, when you create curls or waves, the layers will be more seamless.

2. Sweep Strands Off The Face For Seamless Blending.

Hair styles that feature tresses swept off the face are becoming more popular. To create a perfect blending of short layers with the rest of your longer strands, wrap hair around the round brush, hot or other rollers so that the tresses are directly off your face.

You can also experiment with brushing your hair all to one side, tucking it behind your ears or directing it into a faux pageboy and pinning it into place.

3. Hair Accessories As Decorative Anchors.

Kelly Osbourne With Satin Ribbon Style Headband

Headbands are sizzling hot. Even better, they come in a dizzying array of styles from the hard U shaped bands with or without teeth to the adjustable bandeau style bands.

The elasticized bandeau headbands are designed to slip over the head and hold hair snugly in place. They can be worn right at the hairline or slightly back towards the crown.

Utilize the bandeau style headbands to hold down any short layers near the front of your face line that are uneven, too short or out of control.

Bandeau headbands are also perfect for cowlicks and hair swirls.

The du-rag (doo-rag) style of headbands might also work as effectively as the bandeau style. Keep in mind that the du-rag fits must flatter to the head, leaving nothing to the imagination.

If you love the shape of your head and like your hair worn snug against your scalp, a du-rag might just do the trick. Experiment to find your own best solution.

If headbands don't fit with your personal style, experiment with jaws, claws, salon clips or even bobby pins. When Sarah Jessica Parker was growing out her short bangs on Sex And The City she wore a cascade of traditional bobby pins, in a contrasting color from her hair hue.

The trend caught on and became an instant fashion craze. All because Sara Jessica was trying to manage shorter layers along her hairline.

4. Part Ways With Your Old Profile.

Kelly Osbourne With Hat

Some hairdressers recommend altering the parts to help blend and disguise uneven or awkward layers.

Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves instantly alters layers by clipping in longer strands. For actress Marley Shelton and Ashlee Simpson, Ken equalized too-short bangs and layers by carefully hand-attaching a longer fringe that was swept across the front of the face.

If you really want to contain your strands, do as Kelly Osbourne does and wear a variety of chic headwear that will hold any short hairstyle in place while reigning in errant layers.

5. Mini Ponytails & Twists.

Cameron Diaz utilizes mini-ponytails and messy twists to pull her growing-out layers off of her face. Rather than notice that her short style needs a trim or that she suffers from uneven layers, most fans only see how adorable and edgy Cameron's style is.

Whether you decide to pin your growing out layers into a messy mini-pony or twist, experiment with ways to use bobby pins and tiny elastics to create a functional "hide those layers' hair style that is unique and all your own.

You might even experiment with tiny braids or Zulu knots.

6. Styling Products To The Rescue.

Alyssa Milano With Elastic Style Headband

Wet look styles can work wonders for short hairstyles at that awkward in-between stage. Experiment with styling gel, glaze, mousse, creams and setting sprays to hold rebellious layers in place.

Shampoo hair and towel blot the excess moisture. Apply a strong holding gel or glaze to your still damp strands. Direct hair back from your face. Let tresses air-dry for a "wet look".

Tousling short strands can also help disguise a shapeless and overgrown cut. Apply a good styling mousse to damp strands and use finger tips to scrunch and tousle.

Play with your tresses to discover new ways to overcome awkward growing out stages.

7. Freshen Up The Color

In some cases a short cut is designed specifically to work with multi-dimensional hues such as carefully layered highlights and lowlights. When hair color is not maintained in unison with maintenance trims and cuts, your layers and style might still look somewhat out of sync.

If you can't afford to have your hair color refreshed, experiment with color extending shampoos and leave-in conditioners that will help brighten faded hues.

8. Opt For Add-on Strands

One of the miracles of add-on ponytails, chignons and individual strands is that they can smooth over rough edges resulting from out of control layers. They can also help a short cut that has lost its shape.


Short hairstyles can offer fabulous benefits. Like hair of every length, style, texture and type, short styles bring unique challenges.

When short cuts are not maintained on a regular and planned schedule, the style can lose its precision form. Layers have a tendency to grow out of control and need to be managed. Utilizing the tricks outlined above, it'll be possible to either grow short layers out with ease or hold them at bay until your next trip to your favorite hairdresser.

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