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Short Hair Coloring Tricks!


Kylie Bax

Short hair comes with its own bag of hair coloring tricks. Color is one of those personal decisions that causes a lot of soul-searching for a lot of people.

Just like with any short haircut, it rarely works out to "impulse color." I’ll bet most hair stylists wish they had a buck for every person who walked into their salon moaning about their new hair hue, "What was I thinking?"

Take a long, hard look at your own hair color in reference to your short hair. How do you like it? Many of us were blondes when we were babies, but not all of us kept that golden hair. In fact, the majority of us didn't.

Just as your hair shape should determine the type of short hair style that you select, your skin color has a great deal to do with what your hair color should be.

If you’ve ever had your colors done and know whether you are a Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of your skin tone.


In general, most of us can be categorized as Warm (warm skin tones of gold, brown, olive, etc.) or Cool (cooler skin tones of blue-white, rose, etc.).

When Warms use the cooler hair colors (black, dark brown, and so on), it sometimes can make the contrast between skin and hair too harsh. Same goes for Cools using warmer hair colors (reds, light browns, and so on).

As a rule, most people will look best in hair colors with the same tone as their skin. For example, warm skin tone will look best with warm hair colors.

Remember that hair color is a lot like wallpaper—one little swatch can look pretty good. But you have to imagine all your hair (or all your wall) that color.

If you are not quite ready to make that leap to new color, try some of the temporary color hair mascaras and paints to give you some fun streaks.

Color is another one of those personal decisions that cause a lot of soul-searching.

Color Advantages For Short Hair Versus Long Hair


Short hair has some advantages over long hair when it comes to hair color.

One key advantage with short hair is that if you make a coloring mistake with long hair, it may require sacrificing some length to remove the offending colors or damage that occurs.

With short strands there is less hair that can be impacted and damaged. As a result, it is possible to go wild and try lots of new things.

The whitest blonde shades that require extensive bleaching are actually best for short or very short styles.

The reason? Use of heavy bleach products are very harsh. The shorter the hair being bleached, the less hair to be damaged or impacted.

If you have always dreamed of Gwen Stefanie or Jean Harlow white on white blonde and you have short tresses, you may be a perfect candidate.

Short Hair Coloring Tricks


Whether you have your short hair professionally colored or you use a home hair coloring kit, you probably want to make your make your haircolor last as long as possible.

There are several things you can do to maximize your newly colored locks that the beautiful new hue remains gorgeous and vibrant as long as possible.


Short hair has some advantages over long hair when it comes to hair color. With short strands you can more easily chop any color mistakes off quickly and start over. Keep in mind that when you color short hair you should use common sense hair coloring tips.

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