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Short Curly Hair Extension Secrets: Secret To Having Curly Add-on Hair


Linzie With Short Natural Curly Hair

Barbara Lhotan was an early adopter of hair extensions more than ten years ago when they were first become popular.

Like everything she does in the hair world, Barbara, who is a senior educator and platform artist with Paul Mitchell, looks for ways to push extensions to the very edge.

Besides her amazing skill with hair extensions, Barbara also is spectacular with naturally curly hair. We have worked on hair technicals together for many years. She does the hair and I write the technicals.

As a result I have seen may examples of her hair "in progress" and have always been in complete awe.

The very gifted hair extensionist and curl expert decided to create custom hair extensions for a curly girls with short curls.

Her model Linzie (shown to the side) has naturally curly hair with a spiral shaped curl pattern. The curls form a diameter approximately the size of a middle finger.

Barbara decided to work with a full length weft and custom curl it for Linzie.

Step By Step Instructions

Barbara regularly visits to consult with curly haired clients in the Texas area. She also offers the latest expertise in hair extensions. For more information email me at [email protected] or call at 1-866-469-4247.

Linzie With Short Natural Curly Hair

To find out the step by step details of Barbara's short curly hair extensions follow the instructions below:

1. Barbara purchased a weft of 100% human extension hair (available from which matched the brunette shade of Linzie's natural hair. For a beautiful edgy look she incorporated a few colored strands in pink and orange (the model's favorite colors). 2. She pinned the weft of hair, which was straight, to a cork block (similar to a wig block) so she could create the desired curls. She used wig pins to hold the hair. 3. Using a very hot curling iron with a medium barrel she worked vertically from the top to the bottom of the weft curling the hair vertically. It is important to note that the hair should NOT be curled horizontally. She wiggled the iron slightly and when the curls were formed slowly slide iron out of the weft. 4. Barbara sectioned Linzie's clean dry natural curls into 1-2" sections and strategically create finger twists forming them into knots to create a base for attaching the curled weft. 5. Folding the newly curled weft like an accordion or pleated skirt, she positioned the weft so that the top was over the pre-knotted foundation. 6. She pinned the weft to Linzie's head using the knots as anchors and using bobby pins in an X formation for a strong attachment. 7. She then incorporated Linzie's natural curls into the look covering up the attachment sites with her beautiful ringlet sized curls. 8. After the weft was positioned appropriately she used her fingers to gently pull random ringlets down so that the look was more authentic. She also applied just a tiny bit of gloss to her hands and lightly tapped them over the top to dispense a little bit of product. She did not use hairspray.

Be Creative To Create Hot Curly Extensions Hairstyles

Linzie With Long Dreadlock Extensions Created By Barbara Lhotan

Barbara and I talked at length about this curly extension hairstyle because I was thrilled when I saw what she had created for Linzie.

Barbara explained that people with short hair can have hair extensions without traditional clip-ins, fusion or sewn-in for special occasions. This extension look could last for up to three days as long as the hair was carefully protected during sleeping.

It might need some touch ups but certainly would look good for a special weekend.

The beauty of Barbara's style for Linzie is that it honored her natural curly hair and even incorporated her ringlets into the finished style.

It also gave her a hot new hairstyle which added a little bit of length to her strands and amped it up with the fashionable pink and orange.

Can anyone create this look? Of course it depends on a number of factors but if you find a talented hair extension expert like Barbara who is willing to be creative anything is possible.

I personally love how Barbara is constantly looking for great new ways to create new hairstyles for curly girls.

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Original Publication Date: 07/30/10 - Revised Date: 08/04/10

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