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Sharon Osbourne: Foxy Hair At 50+


I love, love, love Sharon Osbourne. Not only is she incredibly beautiful with that gorgeous chunky, spiky, ruby plum hued sassy coif but the lady is a very strong, confident and successful businesswoman. Her past exploits in dealing with life's challenges are legend. The women has it going on. She is the personification of my own motto "don't confuse kindness with weakness".

I have gotten hooked on the Sharon Osbourne talk show, even though its days are officially numbered. Yes, sadly, the TV Powers That Be have cancelled the show. No amount of wailing and crying from me will help I am afraid.

With Sharon what you see is what you get. I happen to know from my celebrity sources that Sharon is exactly as she comes across on her show. And how is that? Warm, funny, adorably kooky, kind, honest, outspoken and whacky.

Sharon is the woman behind the long and amazingly successful career of music wunderkind Ozzy Osbourne, the supportive and loving mom behind her three kids as well as surrogate mom to the millions who tune in to watch her on The Sharon Osbourne Show or MTV's The Osbournes. (Image above of Sharon Osbourne holding the gorgeous Minnie and Barbara Walters on ABC 20/20 - September 2003 - Virgina Sherwood)

Sharon doesn't shrink from anything that life throws in her face, whether it is the drug problems of her beloved son Jack, the near death of her life-mate Ozzy or her own cancer. Sharon always faces the latest crisis head on, picks herself up, dusts herself off, beams that adorable smile and goes on. Regardless of her F sprinkled sentences or her sometimes brash comments, the woman is adorable. And she wears hair accessories. Geez, what more could you ask for?

(Image below of Sharon Osbourne holding the gorgeous Minnie with Ozzy Osbourne).

A classic example of Sharon's incredible strength and positive attitude was shown when MTV's celebrity mom was interviewed by about her cancer of the colon. She told Rolling Stone Magazine "you can't look at it as 'poor me' and 'why me? because that's all a crock. I got it, and I think to myself, 'There are millions and millions of people who have it much worse than me. What the f*** do I have to worry about?'

I recently had a long talk about Sharon with celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell. He told me that when his celebrity client Sara Rue appeared on Sharon's show she was really sweet and very complimentary to Sara about her hair. In fact, Robert told me some "off the record kindnesses that Sharon bestowed on Sara" and it was very heart warming. Wow, Sharon Osbourne is terrific.

I also have a Kevin Bacon kind of removed relationship with Carmen Electra and I can honestly report that Carmen is the sweetest, kindest and most considerate woman in Hollywood. The fact that Carmen asked Sharon to be one of her bridesmaids at her recent wedding speaks volumes. I can tell you that if Carmen loves Sharon, there is not a doubt in my mind that Sharon is a very extraordinary lady. Regardless of what you may think, Carmen is one of the kindest and sweetest people in Tinseltown. She is also sincere and savvy about her friends. The fact that she adores Sharon is definitely noteworthy.

So what about Sharon's hair you ask me? After all, I am the queen of hair obsessions. Well Sharon has her own celebrity hairdresser that coifs her for her many appearances as well as her Sharon Osbourne television program. That's all I'm going to disclose other than to say that Sharon always looks absolutely fabulous and is very beautiful in person. No matter what. (You go girl). And that she loves Bling, whether for her hair or other body parts.


Sharon Osbourne is a doll. She is the mother you only dreamed of having, the best friend to hang out with over a frozen margarita, the sister that will stand by you and the manager that will do whatever it takes to get you a fair deal. So why is her show being cancelled? Lord knows. I for one will be very sad when the show wraps. And this from the woman that cried when Sex And The City ended.

The bright side? There is always MTVs Osbournes. Rock on.

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