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Seventeen.Studio.Spa.Salon Tour: Step Into The Pages Of Seventeen


Have you ever dreamed of stepping right into the pages of Seventeen magazine? Now’s your chance with the recent grand opening of the ultra teen dream 8,700 square foot flagship Seventeen and salon near Dallas, Texas. The official Parking Lot Party will be held on July 27th (Photos by Jeffrey L. Hines - Copyright - all rights reserved).

I recently had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour this red-hot new teen beauty center where the options for fun, fashion and pampering were beyond mind-blowing.

The Seventeen ( is located at 3645 Dallas Parkway Suite 501 in Plano, Texas (469-361-0017) in the Northwest corner of Dallas Parkway and Parker Road in the Windhaven Shopping Center. The Seventeen is nestled in a brand-new gorgeous alabaster white stone building with the Seventeen branding mounted on the front of the building. From a distance I had the remote sense that I was at approaching a shimmering new castle or palace.

The inside of the building is a stunning vision. A beautiful composition of sandstone and marble alternate with tastefully carpeted areas. The floors work perfectly with the front wall of windows and the chic, industrial, silver wrapped ceiling complete with exposed pipes. The furniture is a perfect compliment of silver hued chrome, high tech black leather and contemporary shades of burnt orange, deep purple and ruby red.

A Seductive Experience

As I entered the front door all of my five senses were immediately seduced by the sights, sounds, fabulous aromas and spectacular beauty of this new teen beauty mecca. The front desk is flanked by a shimmering brushed silver metal mesh wall that displays the famous Seventeen daisy logo. The desk was beautifully arranged and had gorgeous shattered glass enclaves that opened to displays of stunning custom jewelry designs. I instantly eyed a stunning beaded necklace and was impressed with the selection carefully arranged for easy viewing. Later I discovered that jewelry can be customized to suit your own tastes.

As the hottest tunes pulsated on the wall mounted surround sound Bose speakers, the front desk staff greeted me warmly in their classy Team Seventeen crisp white and black uniforms. A staff member went off to retrieve visionary CEO Susan Tierney (shown to the side) who has created this revolutionary teen oasis along with her CFO husband Steve, two business partners Michelle Sullivan and Kathy Karagin and Liz Dellinger who is spa director. Susan has spent the last the past 11 years working for Seventeen where she honed her expertise in catering to teen-friendly beauty issues. Kathy and Michelle spent many years with Gadzooks and Sebastian respectively while Liz hails from the TIGI hair empire. This team of brilliant founders and executives is a perfect composition of individuals who have tremendous knowledge of teen needs and desires.

Seventeen is a special place where teen beauty meets high tech. This spa is so special because it was designed just for you. Featuring the absolute latest in hairstyling, massage, make-up, nail, facial and interactive technologies, you can chill out in a stress-free place. Play, laugh, relax, party and experience the best of breed created specifically for you.

Party Extravaganzas

As Susan Tierney gave me a personal tour of Seventeen she explained that while individual clients are always welcome, the spa was also carefully designed to cater to party groups of eight or more. All of the party-friendly stations like the Sushi manicure bar and the Pedicure Pit (shown below) are fitted comfortably for eight which are perfect for hanging with your best buds or celebrating noteworthy events with your school club, sports team or cheerleading squad.

Bored with the old standby sleepovers? OK, so why not dazzle your best buds with a private Studio Make-up session, a sumptuous Sushi Manicure Party or a very posh Pedicure Pit Party? What could be more hip that you and seven of your lucky friends nestling into the cozy, plush, pillow-filled “pit”, as it is appropriately called, while a team of Seventeen’s pedicure experts pamper your tootsies with luscious spa pedicure treatments. Close off the pit with the gorgeous velvet privacy curtain and chill, chat or watch the latest music videos mounted on the walls in the Pit.

Don’t miss your change to throw an exclusive party.. Private party bookings are available Saturday evenings, from 6pm – 8pm. The Team Seventeen staff will be very happy to work with you to design custom offerings ranging from spa services, food, decorations, music and celebratory cakes or desserts.

It is recommended that you book as far in advance as possible to guarantee your desired party times. Booking at least 6-8 weeks in advance will work for most dates. Prom or other special teen seasons may need even more advance booking notice.

Seventeen Studio.Spa.Salon Zones

Whether you visit the spa to get personalized hair, nail or body services as a single act or with a group of friends, the options to super size your experience are mind-blowing. Wander into the Studio Retail store zone (shown to the side) where official Seventeen licensed merchandize are available for sale. Check out the sizzling threads from E.vil and Polka Dots.

If you fancy a new face to go with your hot new fashions, stop by the Make-up Bar for the latest options from hip brands including Two Faced and Hard Candy, to name a few. Perfect your polish with the newest Candy-apple red and melted milk chocolate colors from Nicole, OPI and Essie. Pamper your strands and stock up on your favorite solutions from Redken, TIGI and Paul Mitchell.

Clueless about the ideal colors for you? Don’t worry, Seventeen has already anticipated how to help you. Make-up experts will be on hand at various times to offer free tips on the right shade just for your. An ongoing series of mini seminars will be held covering the hottest topic in beauty The Perfect Brow, How-To Paint Nails, Lip Service, One-Minute Manicure and similar subjects. The 30-minute seminars will allow small groups to master all sorts of techniques for a nominal charge. Weekly event topics will be posted on the website and at various places within The Studio.

CEO Susan Tierney pointed out that free pre-service consultations are important to help her teen guests feel comfortable with their beauty needs and discovered their best products and services. Seventeen guarantees all their visitors a free consultation before every salon service. In fact, if you don't receive your consultation and recommendation for your best products, you will receive a free hair care product on the spot.

Gift Cards

If you want to share your fabulous time at the spa you can opt for one of the Seventeen Gift Cards available in any increments over $20.

Give your best girlfriend a back-to-school gift and spring for The Card, which is valid for all goods and services at all locations. Additional dollar amounts may be added to the Card anytime at any location.

Studio Pix

After you have shopped in one of the coolest teen store zones around, chill your digits at the hot Studio Pix zone where you can access high speed Net access to play video games, view Warner Brother’s movie previews, watch music videos, take beauty polls and read beauty columns for the latest tips and techniques. Hang with your friends as you check out the latest offerings for teens.

Caf 17

If all the video time becomes tiresome retire to Caf 17, the on-site Internet Caf.

Stocked with your favorite sodas, coffees and other refreshing caf offerings you can gab about your latest crush, show off your new do or just hang at the caf waiting for your spa services to begin.

If you prefer to surf the Web while you hang, select one of the four interactive Net stations (shown to the side) where you can check out pre-designated teen cool websites like and using the very latest technology.

Hair Station

The ultra-cool hair studio is a virtual wonderland of chic portable mirrored hairstations showcasing the innovative excellence from TakaraBelmont spa furnishings. Whether your hair nirvana starts at the beautiful shampoo station or at the stylist station, only the best products are used from Redken, TIGI and Paul Mitchell. Two state-of-the art rotation hair dryers featuring circular heat rotation rings glisten in the background.

While wall mounted music video monitors rock out in the background, well-trained Team Seventeen hair designers will make your hair dreams a reality. Both traditional and daring hair creation options are optional and choices range from a haircut to Mai-Tai knots or updos. The popular Shoe shine color tipping is just one of the many hair hue selections on the current menu.

Not only does the hair zone offer something different for teen hair, the twelve totally portable roller mounted stations instantly fold away and morph into a fabulous runway complete with stage lighting for hip fashion shows. Upcoming events will offer teens a peek at all the latest fashions and styles right out of the world of Seventeen.

On hand for all the special events will be the Studio Team models selected via a formal casting call.

Sushi Nail Bar

Not to be outdone by the hair zone, the adjacent Sushi Nail Bar is very European but very inviting. Susan Tierney pointed out that the gorgeous furniture is imported from Germany and it the latest look for spas. While teens perch on one of the Sushi bar stools they can enjoy a dizzying range of treatments ranging from nail whitening and repair to a sumptuous Hot Cream and French Manicure. Nail pampering is the name of the game in this world-class nail hideaway.

In The Pit Zone

Peer into the hedonistic Pedicure Pit and be prepared to lust after a treatment in this incredible magical sunken area.

The Pit reminded me of the inside of a magic Genie’s bottle complete with a pillow encased circle of luscious burn orange pillows that call your name. Once inside the pit you will enjoy a fabulous relaxing and refreshing manicure.

Professional Make-Up Zone

Like a rare jewel set in a sparkling setting, the Make-up Zone is designed to transform clients into beauties through professional make-overs or custom lessons. Lounge in the studio style make-up chairs and let a professional wave their magic make-up wand to create a custom look for you. Or have a Prom, bridal or bachelorette party and watch as all your friends are transformed while lounging in the Zone.

Quiet Zone

All massages, body wraps, skin care and specialized treatments are performed in the inner sanctum of the spa. Known as “the quiet zone” clients are treated to relaxing and revitalizing treatments in one of four treatment rooms decorated in soft caramel shades. To guarantee absolute quiet, the zone is tucked away behind heavy glass doors and triple insulated walls. State-of-the-art satellite spa music is piped in from around the planet to assure a blissful treatment experience. Estheticians and body therapists glide silently through the halls as they prepare to pamper your face and body with extraordinary beauty elixirs.

Like everything else at Seventeen, only the best products are offered. Top of the line products like Dermalogical, Noode, Murad and Avance are used for all appropriate treatments. Treatments range from a soothing massage to special treatments to Dermabrasion.

To allow a relaxing prep and cool-down time restrooms with lockers and a cozy mini-lounge area is offered for spa clients.

Create A Dream Package

If there is some service that Seventeen doesn’t offer it would be news to me. For added convenience they have even partnered with a neighboring tanning salon to give you easy access to your perfect bronzed look. Standard packages are offered including The Big Day Package that spans four hours of services that guarantees head-to-toe glad results for any Big Day from your Prom to a special party.

Mix and match packages can be designed according to your needs as well as time and other goals. All you have to do is ask. Everyone on Team Seventeen is wired to please and make your spa experience a memorable one. Wherever possible your wish is their command.

The Comfort Zone

Even this Taj Mahal of fun, fantastic pampering and fashion was created with teen clients in mind, people of all ages can instantly feel comfortable in this world class spa. As Susan noted, teenage daughters can bring their moms to the spa and they can both enjoy treatments either together or separately. What a great way for a mother-daughter getaway.

A His & Her package deal is even designed to surprise your favorite guy with a special date night pampering that includes haircuts for both, a nail detail for him and a spa manicure for you.

Little comfort zones (Shown above) are also spread throughout the spa in the form of cushioned contemporary chair.

Phones are readily available for free local calls. Both clients and visitors are strongly encouraged to relax and feel at home.

Back Stage Zone

As Susan gave me the grand tour of this spectacular spa she showed off the employee’s client book and dispensary areas. Like everything else, they were well thought out with the ultimate goal of serving the clients. Seventeen also wants to give back to their clients and they actively support the Teen community. Opportunities for charity and fundraising events are available upon request.

Checkbook Zone

Although you may stress at the idea that all of this teen magnificence is out of your price range, think again. Tipping of any kind is strictly prohibited. All Team Seventeen members are well paid and accepting tips in any fashion is just not allowed.

All prices are posted on the Seventeen menu of services and can be quoted over the phone before you book your appointment. Not only are the service fees unbelievably reasonable, when you think about all the complimentary perks like snacks in Studio 17 and leisurely Net surfing, your true value is exceptional.

Future Zone

The flagship Seventeen will be followed closely by forty additional locations around the United States by 2006. Ultimately there will be three locations around Dallas, three in Houston and four in Atlanta. The Texas and Georgia locations will be open in the next year or so.


Seventeen is the perfect place for teens who want a place that is all theirs sans Mom and Dad. What could be better than a safe zone where you have fun, learn about fashion and beauty, get pampered, hang out with friends and feel free to express your own budding individuality? Not anywhere else on this planet!

(All Photos by Jeffrey L. Hines, assisted by Ryan Keilhofer - Copyright - all rights reserved).

Contact Information

Seventeen Studio.Spa.Salon

3645 Dallas Parkway Suite 501 Plano, Texas 75093 Phone number 469-361-0017 Fax number 469-361-0018 Northwest corner of Dallas Parkway and Parker Road in the Windhaven Shopping Center.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 AM – 9 PM Saturday 9:00 AM – 6 PM Sunday 11:00 AM – 6 PM

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