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Selena Gomez’s Short Curly And Wavy Hairstyle At 2009 American Music Awards


Selena Gomez 2009 American Music Awards AMA November 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Selena Gomez has a sizzling career which only gets hotter. Many of her fans know her from her role on Disney's Wizards Of Waverly Place.

She is also expanding her career horizons acting in films and singing. The beautiful actress and singer recently finished her first CD. Selena is also know for her iconic raven black tresses which she wears in an array of eye popping mouth dropping hairstyles.

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Selena is very popular on the talk show circuit and is a frequent guest of Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime show. When it was still on the air Selena also visited Bonnie Hunt.

Note: The Bonnie Hunt show was cancelled at the end of 2010.

The gorgeous Texan was stunning on the Red Carpet at the American Music Awards (AMA) in November at the Nokia Theatre.

Hairstyle: Short to Medium Length Curls And Waves. Depending on who you talk to Selena's hair might be considered short or medium in length.

Hairstyle Color: Raven Black With Subtle Lowlights

Texture: Selena appears to have thick hair in excellent shape with lots of natural shine and either natural waves or a combo of waves and curls.

Fringe: Selena's lush hairstyle was framed with a sleek side-swept part with cascaded off a right side part.

Face Shape: Selena's face shape is a blend of square and heart. She has beautiful cheekbones which slope into a squared off jaw with a slightly pointed chin

Fashion Trending Hairstyles

Selena Gomez 2009 American Music Awards AMA November 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Not only does Selena wear her hair in the latest hairstyles, she sets trends. When her fans see her latest hairstyles they are quick to copy her stunning tresses.

Even better, Selena wears her hair in age appropriate looks with work with the event she is attending and for her face shape.

Personally I think Selena looks gorgeous with a full fringe but she appears to prefer a side-swept bang which offsets her well formed eyebrows and beautiful eyes.

Selena is best friends with country music sensation Taylor Swift. The two beautiful young women light up a room whenever they are present.

How To Recreate Selena's Curly Hairstyle

To copy Selena's curly and wavy hairstyle follow the simple steps listed below:

1. Start with either freshly cleansed and completely dry hair or with day old hair with a cream or spray designed to help with the creation of soft hair waves.

If you shampoo your hair before styling be sure to use products for your hair type, texture and condition.

Selena Gomez 2009 American Music Awards AMA November 2009 All Rights Reserved.

2. If you wish to copy Selena's look completely, create a side part on the right side of the hairline. You can also copy this look with a fringe or side part although it will not look exactly the same.

3. Separate hair into two-inch sections. Clip all hair other hair out of the way.

4. On each section, spritz styling spray or apply cream, starting just below the root area. After prepping hair with spray or similar, wrap around a medium barrel curling iron for a few seconds to avoid burning or damaging strands.

5. After creating the curl and removing the iron, re-roll curl around fingers to recreate the curl. Pin to the scalp.

6. When all the sections of hair have been completely ironed, reformed and pinned, spritz the entire head lightly with a setting or styling spray.

7. When hair is completely dry and cool, unpin each curl.

8. Separate a 2-4 inch section of hair, depending on your preferences, from the right side part off the hairline. Lift the section and backcomb it to the desired "bump" height.

Spray well and then smooth back and over to the opposite side of the head from the part. Optionally you my apply a few bobby pins in the same on contrasting color of the hair to hold the bump in place.

Selena Gomez 2009 American Music Awards AMA November 2009 All Rights Reserved.

9. Comb through the remaining hair with your fingers. Use fingers to arrange hair into sexy waves just like Selena.

10. For Selena's brilliant shine add a few drops of shine serum, spray or shine enhancing hairspray to the palms of your hands and then wipe lightly over the top of your tresses.

Note: If the waves are too well formed use a 100% boar bristle brush to break up the waves a bit and make them softer. Remember that the smaller the curling iron barrel, the tighter the resulting curls and waves.

This hairstyle is gorgeous and can be worn for any Holiday or Party Hair event ranging from a formal or semi-formal dinner or a special formal dance or Prom.

This is a classic hairstyle which never goes out of style. To amp up the look even more add a bejeweled hairpin clip on one side of the hairline.


Selena Gomez is a talented, wholesome star who loves animals. She recently revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she rescued five dogs. One she brought back from a film in Puerto Rico.

Selena is very close to her family and has explained that both her mom and dad look out for her and make sure she is well cared for.

Note: In late 2010 and early 2011 Selena made headlines for her relationship with worldwide sensation Justin Bieber. The two stars eventually admitted to a romance.

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