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Secret Ways To Save At The Salon


Angelina Jolie

Actress Angelina Jolie is famous for her fabulous hair, regardless of the length, hue or texture she decides wears. The beautiful star is also well-known for working with some of the very best and brightest hairdressers around.

Of course the best hairstylists also can be pricey but Angie can afford the best when it comes to her famous mane.

It's possible for any hair consumer to still visit their favorite salon for amazing hair cuts, colors and services even if they don't have the budget Ms. Jolie may have. How? Follow some of the secret ways to save listed below.

Not only will you potentially save a bundle, but you can have amazing professionally styled hair in the same league as some of the best tressed stars like Angie.

The best hairstylists will understand if you've recently lost your job or have other financial factors which require you to follow a budget. In today's world everyone understands when money's tight.

While it never hurts to ask what options are available, remember to always be respectful and polite when inquiring about potential savings or deals. If your hairstylist or salon doesn't offer coupons or loyalty programs don't take it personally. There may be many hidden reasons for how a salon or hairstylist runs their businesses.

1. Calculate your budget for hair products and services before you visit the salon Be open and honest with your hair professional and ask them how you can work with them to maintain your ongoing hair maintenance without breaking your tight budget. Share your budget with your stylist so they can work with you.

Obviously if you have limited funds you may want to pass on major hair color changes which require ongoing maintenance. Instead of full highlights opt for partial highlights and/or lowlights which will save money, but still give you a chic look.

Angelina Jolie

2. Ask about referral programs Show your hairstylist your commitment to their work by asking if you can earn credits toward future work through a new client referral program. Many hairdressers understand word of mouth referrals are the best kind of new clients due to their historic higher retention rates.

If a referral program isn't available ask if you might trade new customer referrals for discounts on salon products. Some salons will offer good customer freebies such as free bang or neck trims in between regular cuts. Others offer product refills at discounted prices. It never hurts to ask what specials the salon makes available to loyal customers.

3. Inquire about package deals and special group rates Some salons have slow periods during the week where they might be open to offer you a special group rate if you provide the clients. Ask about special rates for you if you bring in the groups.

Hairstylists working to build their client base might be willing to provide a discount on your hair services if you're willing to schedule during slow times or willing to come in at the last minute after a cancellation.

Ask about being added to the salon's e-mail list for specials on last minute appointments, seasonal coupons or discounts or close-outs on professional salon products. Don't forget to follow your favorite hairstylist on Facebook and Twitter for secret deals.

Angelina Jolie

4. Work with apprentices or new stylists Higher end salons have special training nights where the seasoned pros train the apprentices in different hair techniques ranging from cuts and color to chemical services and extensions. Volunteer to be a hair model for a salon training session or work directly with an apprentice to save on the total ticket price.

Ask if the salon has different rates for new talent versus experienced stylists.

5. Arrive at salon with clean dry hair or do your own post session blow-out Depending on the salon and your hairstylist you may be able to save on the costs of services if you shampoo and dry your own hair before arriving at the salon. Some stylists will also give you a discount if you leave the salon with damp hair and blow dry at home.

Doing part of your own hair service is not always an option depending on the type of service you have requested. These may work for hair cuts when hair is cut wet or on simple trims. It is unlikely to be an option with hair color or chemical services. Ask before you make any assumptions.

Angelina Jolie

6. Combining services Some salons will give clients break if they combine services such as a cut with hair color or a cut with chemical treatments. Ask if the salon has any combination service deals.

7. Buy professional hair care products at your salon Many salons will offer a special discount when you buy professional products from them. Professional products are generally higher quality and more concentrated then drugstore brands which means you can get a bigger bang for your hair product bucks.

If the salon also offers a discount on bottle refills you will save even more. Some salons will post printable coupons for their products lines on their websites. Check before each visit to see if there are secret deals for you to utilize.

8. Loyalty programs Loyalty programs have become popular with salons due to the current recession. With a loyalty program the salon will offer a card or system similar to Starbucks where you get a punch card which is tied directly to the number of dollars spent in the salon on anyproducts or services.

9. Stock up on products when they're on special Salons which offer Christmas gift deals will often discount them right after the Holidays. You may be able to save 50% or more on seasonal close-outs.

Angelina Jolie

10. Stretch out your appointments without sacrificing the results to your hair When your hairstylists is onboard with your budgetary constraints they can suggest hairstyles, cuts, color or chemical services which require low maintenance and less frequent salon visits.

When your stylist understands you will remain loyal after your financial challenges have passed they will be willing to suggest hair cuts or color which last longer and have a softer or more invisible growing out period.

11. Avoid buying products you don't really need Ask your hairstylist to recommend products which do double duty. Do you really need a leave-in conditioner, detangling cream and mousse or can you get by with just one of the three?

Keep track of the hair care products you have at home and avoid buying products you don't really need.

12. Ask for gift certificates as gifts When friends or family ask you what you might like for your birthday or other gift giving events, suggest gift certificates from your salon. Free services in the form of gift certificates are a great way to save money on your hair services and products.

Angelina Jolie

13. Volunteer to be a hair model Some salons hold photo shoots to build professional portfolios of their work. Volunteer to be a model or offer your services in other ways in exchange for products or discounted services. Photo shoots involve a lot of different talents and you may be able to offer your services in exchange for later discounts or deals.

14. Ask your hairstylist to recommend at-home hair maintenance tips A great way to save on hair stylist services and products is to practice exceptional at home hair care and maintenance. This includes washing hair as infrequently as possible with lukewarm water which won't fade color or dry out strands.


A great hairstylist you can trust and be honest with is one of your very best treasures. Treat your professional hairstylists with respect, integrity and loyalty and they will do the same.

Angelina Jolie

When your fortunes have been restored don't forget to repay any special ways your hairstylist or salon helped you save by tipping generously, recommending the salon to friends and family and expressing your thanks.

Remember, while the majority of hairstylists sincerely wish to help their clients in good times and bad, they are in the business of doing hair to make a living and have their own financial commitments. Honor that knowledge and all will be good with the hair gods.

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