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The February 1999 Salon Today Magazine presents the best of the hair Web sites that spotlight the Past, Present and Future. The Hair Boutique is proud to announce that two of our very favorite hair web sites, Marci's Retro Site and All About Hair are featured in the February 99 article.

Here's what Salon Today had to say about Hair Boutique's favorite sites:

Marci's Retro Site

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"At Marci's Retro Style pages, you'll see hairstyles from a bygone era, including step-by-step setting techniques for 1950s pin curl, roller and rag sets. Click on photos for detailed instructions or investigate "Features" for five, step-by-step pin curled styles. At Minardi Salon in New York, Doug MacIntosh, who shared this site with us, says younger stylists like himself are reveling in discovering these techniques on the Web, where they can learn them in high-tech fashion. Includes links to numerous retro fashion sites, including one that lets you choose the period in history you want to explore."


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"Need a refresher to work better? Check out "The World's Ultimate Hair Site," from industry insider Mike Trobee. The in-depth site includes extensive information on hair structure, and the chemistry of haircolor and perming. Discover tips you can share with clients or learn what they think about salons by checking out online survey results. The professional section includes marketing help and a salon/stylist exchange".

also mentioned....

The article also highlights The Traditional Hair Dressing page and the Shampooing and Salon Activity site which are included in the Hair Boutique's links page.


The Hair Boutique agrees with Salon Today. Marci's Retro Site & All About Hair were both winners of the Hair Boutique Link of the Week for 1998. The Hair Boutique congrats Marci and her Retro Site and Mike at All About Hair (and Salon Web) for the Salon Today nod as "great new web sites". We heartily agree.

Original Publication Date: 1998 - Revised Publication Date: 11/24/11

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