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Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Brunette


The traditionally blonde and beautiful Reese Witherspoon recently appeared on the Jay Leno show with a major hair color change. The 28 year old Nashville, Tennessee native looked absolutely beautiful in her recently dyed, dark chocolate locks.

(Image of Reese Witherspoon on Tonight Show With Jay Leno - 8/31/04 - NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater - all rights reserved NBC).

Reese's tresses which historically have ranged from buttery blonde (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama) to her current brunette, seems to take ever changing hair colors and styles with grace and good humor.

Although her baby blonde locks were long, lush and perfectly coiffed for Legally Blonde, they were short and uber choppy for Sweet Home Alabama. In both movies, Reese seemed to have the perfect hairstyle that fit the character that she played.

(Image of Reese Witherspoon shown to the side in the original Legally Blonde MGM film available on DVD from - All rights reserved)

While many have fallen in love with the Legally Blonde versions of the superstar, Reese confessed to Jay Leno that she had gone brunette for her recent movie turn in Walk The Line as the late June Carter Cash, wife of country music legend, Johnny Cash.

(Image of Reese Witherspoon shown to the side in the Sweet Home Alabama film available on DVD from

As any busy actor or actress will tell you, constant hair style and color changes are a major part of the acting world. While some actresses opt to wear wigs whenever possible, many actors and actresses discover that changing their hair to fit the role is absolutely essential to honor the role.

Ironically Reese, who now commands upwards of $15 million for each starring role, is currently appearing on the big screen as the luscious redhead, Becky Sharp, in Focus Feature's blockbuster Vanity Fair.

Although Reese, who went red for role of Becky, she also wore a series of elaborate hairpieces, extensions and wigs. All of Reese's wig enhanced hairdos were historically authentic based on the actual time periods of the story. Furthermore, Reese had the skillful assistance of Oscar winner Jenny Shircore who coiffed and applied appropriate make-up for the Becky role. Jenny won an Oscar for her stunning work in the film, Elizabeth.

(Image to the side of Reese Witherspoon in her role as Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair from Focus Features - all rights reserved.)

Reese, who also appears on the cover of September's Vanity Fair magazine from Conde Nast, is known for her fierce dedication to her acting craft, As a result, Reese is absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to portray a character role as purely as possible.

Whether that means that she has to go dark brunette to portray June Carter Cash or ruby red as Becky Sharp, you can be sure that Reese will do whatever it takes to give 100% to the role.

In fact, Reese was totally determined to support her role as Becky Sharp in her Vanity Fair turn. A news report uncovered the fact that Reese had been scheduled way in advance to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair, the magazine, at the same time as the release of the Vanity Fair film. At the last minute the editor of Vanity Fair decided to play a switcheroo and put Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps on the cover instead of Reese.

The strong willed actress would have none of that last minute change, especially since the Vanity Fair cover dovetailed nicely with her commitment to help promote the release of the movie. As a result, it was made very clear to Cond Nast that Reese would be on the cover. And so she was in all her blonde glory coiffed by famous hairdresser, Serge Normant. (Image of September Vanity Fair cover - available by prescription through - all rights reserved).

While constantly yo-yoing of hair colors and styles can take a toll on the strands of many actors and actresses, Reese has less to worry about them others in her profession. Why? Reese is as devoted to her husband and two children as she is to her movie career and tries to limit her movies to one per year. This gives her hair time to recover from any wear and tear induced in the name of a screen character.

In fact, while being interviewed for the Vanity Fair magazine cover article by Leslie Bennetts, she was actually being slathered with "evil-looking slime" at a Los Angeles beauty salon in order to emerge as "a smoldering brunette with glossy auburn highlights".

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

When quizzed about how she felt about being brunette, Reese told Jay Leno that while "her Southern Belle mother was definitely appalled by the new haircolor", she was "enjoying being a brunette". Why? "No one seems to recognize" who she is. In fact, Reese told Jay a story about how she was stopped on the street "because a stranger mistakenly thought that she was the family's babysitter". Reese told Jay she decided to have a little fun and told the stranger that "Reese isn't nice at all, she's actually pretty mean".

The Leno audience loved Reese's story and the newly brilliant brunette was bubbling over with charm, good humor and vivacious chatter. Although Reese has claimed that she is more a homebody than anything, she definitely shone in her appearance with Leno.

Ironically she reported to Vanity Fair's Leslie Bennetts that going brunette did nothing to really hide her identity. In fact, according to Bennetts, Reese said "the minute she got off the plan, strangers were call out that they loved the (brunette) hair".

Reese and her husband also recently appeared at the Venice Film Festival to promote the Vanity Fair film and again commented that it "felt great to be a brunette" because "nobody knows who I am".

Recently the megastar was quoted as saying that she prefers to go grocery shopping in a simply ponytail, dressed in sweats and that in reality she is a slob like the rest of us.

Maybe so, but Reese is gorgeous, whether blonde, brunette or redhead.

Making The Change From Blonde To Brunette

Reese mischievously grinned while telling reporter Bennetts "how we suffer for our art" as she morphed from sassy blonde to beautiful brunette. Even more unsettling, even though Reese was excited about her opportunity to wear "June Carter Cash era 50s and 60s costumes", she mentioned that her new brunette locks seriously clashed with her famous blonde friendly wardrobe.

After "like an hour and a half to find something to wear" the self-prescribed character actress found that "purple is it so far" for her new hair color clothing theme.

In her appearance on Leno the actress famous for her pink outfits appeared in a more serious and classy mocha brown dress that appeared to compliment her brunette locks.

Newly Brunette Hair Care Tips

John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette - Shine Release Moist Shampoo - Amber to Maple - 8.45 oz

Besides addressing your wardrobe and makeup when morphing from light to dark, it is important to consider new hair care tips for chemically treated locks.

To maintain that "just colored" brilliant brunette shine, use a shampoo, conditioner and styling products developed especially for cranking up the shine in brunette locks.

(Image to the side - John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette - Shine Release Moist Shampoo - Amber to Maple - 8.45 oz).

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John Frieda has developed an entire line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products that were created just for brunettes. All of the John Frieda formulas were developed to enhance shine and brilliance for brunettes. You can select from either the Amber to Maple Brunette or the Chestnut to Expresso versions of the line. (Image to the side - John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette - Shine Release Moist Shampoo - Chestnut to Expresso - 8.45 oz).

Rene Furterer - Karite Nourishing Conditioning Cream - 8.6 oz

One side effect of chemically treated hair may include a new level of dryness. To keep hair shiny and lush schedule at-home or salon deep conditioning treatments to your hair care regime. (Image of Rene Furterer - Karite Nourishing Conditioning Cream - 8.6 oz).

The right deep conditioning treatments can leave hair soft, supple and silky when used on the right type, texture and condition of hair. Using the wrong type of deep conditioner on the wrong type of hair can result in lank, stringy oily strands.

PhytoSpecific - Intense Nutrition Mask

PhytoSpecific Intense Nutrition Mask is ideal for many people with coarse to very coarse hair that requires heavier deep conditioning treatments. (Image of PhytoSpecific - Intense Nutrition Mask).

Phyto - Phytobaume Conditioner - 6.7 fl oz (200ml)

On the opposite end of the conditioning spectrum, Phytobaume is a very gentle conditioner that offers some of the advantages of a deep conditioning treatment without weighing fine, delicate or thinning strands down with excessive conditioning properties. Phytobaume was formulated with Mallow, which has proven softening properties and Keratin amino acids. (Image of PhytoBaume Conditioner).


Phyto - Phytocitrus Mask - Vital Radiance Mask - 6.7 fl oz (200ml)

Although some products will advertise that they are "deep conditioning", they may have a wide range of penetration levels. Phytocitrus and Phytokarite are both deep conditioning treatments from Phyto but Phytocitrus tends to be less moisturizing then the heavier Phytokarite that was designed to help add moisture to locks with chemical damage. (Image above of Phytocitrus conditioner)

Phyto - Phytokarit Intensive Treatment - Glass Jar - 6.7 fl oz (200ml)

As a rule deep conditioning products contain either amino acids, protein, panthenol or a combination of all three to help soften and strengthen chemically treated or damaged strands. (Image to side of Phytokarite ultra deep conditioning treatment).

Be sure to consider your hair's texture, type and condition before slathering on any type of conditioning products. If you are not sure what deep treatments are best for your newly brunette hair, invest in the smallest sizes and try a few conditioning products on for size before going full speed ahead.

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