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Prom Hairstyles: Ringlets Go Crazy


tendrils200A.jpg (5368 bytes)Curls, ringlets and tendrils are hot topics for Prom looks.

The most questions I have been getting on hairstyles for the Prom is running high in the "creating curls" category.

I thumbed through stacks of magazines, books and my files to find photos of different styles of ringlets and curls. Soap Star Kristian Alfonso (Hope on Days Of Our Lives) has a classic Greek beauty style.

To create this look, Kristian's long hair is parted in the center with the sides of the hair at the temple pulled tightly back to the middle of the head.

Big fat spiral curls hang softly from the back of the hair allowing curls to nestle into Kristian's neck and shoulders. The look is stunning and easy to create with a barrel curling iron.

tendrils200B.jpg (3875 bytes)The second style was created by Philip Bell at Ishoka, in Aberdeen in Europe. Philip used Wella hair care products. The photos were done by David Eustace. Makeup by Rhona Stewart at Metropolitain.

This curly style consists of different hair textures combined to create something new. The combination of ringlet curls and poker-straight hair is a stunning combination. This look would be more difficult to achieve at home and would require the assistance of a stylist or friend.

The crown of the hair is brushed straight. A series of ringlets and curls are carefully pinned around the straight hair to give the hair the look of a wreath of curls nestled on top of the poker straight crown. Very elegant and reminiscent of a goddess look.

tendrils200C.jpg (3516 bytes)The third style by Philip Bell has a tiny part on one side at the front of the hairline. A thick mass of spiral curls is allowed to flow freely across the head.

A few strands are pulled straight to give the look a touch of drama and sophistication. This look can be created by use of a medium to small sized curling iron that is used on the entire head to create a mass of curls.

The same effect can be created by setting the hair on lots of small to medium sized hot curlers.

A tightly curly spiral perm would have a similar impact on the look.

tendrils200D.jpg (5283 bytes)Many people are under the impression that spiral curls can only be worn with medium to long hair lengths. This is not true as the next Philip Bell creation demonstrates. This style is created on a short style.

The curly do combines poker straight bangs and crown with thick curls. This curly style would be great with a very modern and Glam look. A shine product is added to make the curls glisten and shimmer in the light.

tendrils200G.jpg (3919 bytes)Curls and ringlets look smashing on this second short style shown to the side.

The hair is brushed behind one ear while the crown is brushed to the side. Ringlets are created from high up on the crown and allowed to cascade down one side.

The ringlets are small and very well formed. This is a very elegant look that can be dressed up or dressed down with hair jewelry.

Hair extensions can be added to create a bigger or fuller head of hair.

tendrils200E.jpg (3956 bytes)The next curly style by Bell provides a wild, untamed look. Curls are again paired with pieces of straight hair. The curls are brushed out and allowed to frizz slightly to give the hair a very wired effect.

The next longer curly style was created by Martine Finnegan of the Natural Hair Company, Lisburn, North Ireland.

This style takes thick, fat spiral curls and allows them to fall freely tendrils200F.jpg (4443 bytes)where they may across the crown. The front of the hairline is pulled back off of the face so that the curls form a frame.

(Photography by Rick Bond.)

The curls can be created using a hot curling iron, hot rollers or a spiral perm. Rag curlers are another alternative to creating thick fat curls.

To get shorter and fatter ringlets you can roll your hair on wooden tongue depressors.

This style shown to the side is a classic Prom & Wedding ringlet style.

How To Create Ringlets

To easily create this style follow the instructions listed below:

tendrils200H.jpg (3993 bytes)1. Pull all the hair smoothly and tightly into a ponytail that rests midway up the head from the nape of the neck. 2. Use a "hair friendly" elastic band the same color as your hair to hold the ponytail. 3. Separate the ponytail hair into individual strands that are 1-2 inches in width. 4. Curl each section with a curling iron or hot rollers. 5. Remove the iron or rollers after they have cooled. 6. Let the curls cool completely. 7. Arrange the curls carefully so that they cascade down the neck. 8. Pull small ringlets are out from the ponytail along the hairline for a more romantic effect. 9. Use a small curling iron to create additional springy curls. 10. Finish with a spritz of firm holding hairspray. Optionally you can also apply a shine spray, gel or serum.

Instructions For Creating Spiral Curls

You can easily create spiral curls using the Olivia Garden spiral rollers. Creating spiral curls for either wash/wear or perm sets with the Spiral or Jumbo kit involves the following basic steps:

  1. Section the hair into triangular sections and roll the curlers starting at the nape of the neck and working up to the top of the head.

  2. Push the Spiral or Jumbo curler cap up.

  3. Wrap the hair using an end paper and make sure not to over lap the hair.

  4. End the wrapping of the curler with one complete turn under the cap.

  5. Push the cap down over the hair to hold the curler in place.

  6. If the spiral curlers are used for a shampoo/wet set, sit under a hairdryer or a heat lamp to dry hair. A diffuser can also be used.

  7. If the curlers are used for a perm set, follow the perm instructions.

  8. Experiment with different sized strands of hair for different curl sizes.

Note: You may choose not to roll your entire head in spiral curlers. You may want to curl the bangs and the very top of the hair separately with a curling iron to avoid an "overly curled" look.

After the hair is completely dry, remove the curlers and use your fingers or a wide toothed pick to carefully arrange the spiral curls.

Do not use a brush or comb on the spiral curls. To get extra lift you can use a curling iron to carefully lift the base of the top curls.

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