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Prom Hairstyle: Easy Knotted Updo Prom Hairstyle


Hairstyle by Barbara Lhotan & Louis Salvati Courtesy of Inspire & Publications

Although you may initially need some help with the back part of your hair, with a little practice you may eventually be able to recreate this gorgeous knotted look completely by yourself or with the help of a good friend. Of course this is also a great style that your favorite stylist can design and re-create for you.

If you can tie your shoe laces you can create this simple but stunning knotted style copied with permission from Barbara Lhotan and Louis Salvati.

This style works best on tresses that are shoulder length or longer with medium thickness. Straight hair or hair that has been pre-straightened is ideal.

Super fine or thin hair may not hold the knots as easily as coarse hair textures. If you wish to try this look on fine hair, be prepared for hair slippage with gel, strong holding spray and extra bobby pins.

Note: If your natural hair is not conducive to re-creating Julianne's hairstyle opt for a synthetic or human hair clip-in to instantly add the desired texture.

Check out the many clip-in extension options from Jessica Simpson's HairDo line or from the HairUWear Pop collection.

Step By Step Instructions

Hairstyle by Barbara Lhotan & Louis Salvati Courtesy of Inspire & Publications

This style works best on tresses that are not freshly washed. When possible allow your hair to "age" at least 24 hours from your last shampoo. The natural hair oils will help the knots hold tighter.

1. Start by using a soft boar's head brush or similar natural bristle brush on your hair. Make sure that all knots and tangles are removed.

Although this hair style was demonstrated with a center part, if you prefer, experiment with an off-center or side part for a different look. This style can be worn with or without bangs although it has a more dramatic profile when a center part is employed.

2. Using the tail of a rattail comb separate your hair into eight equal sections or four sections on each side of the head.

Hairstyle by Barbara Lhotan & Louis Salvati Courtesy of Inspire & Publications

3. Clip each individual section of hair to hold it in place while you create the knots on the first section.

4. Wind or twist your hair clockwise around your index finger Take the opposite hand and create a loop. Pull your new twisted hair through the loop leaving approximately 2 inches of a long "tail" that flows from the knot.

Note: Apply a light gel or setting lotion to each section for hair that is fine, slippery or does not hold styles well.

Hairstyle by Barbara Lhotan & Louis Salvati Courtesy of Inspire & Publications

5. Use a covered band like a Blax or other cords in the same color as your

hair and slip it under the knot. That band should nudge up against the knot holding it in place. Use a tiny hairpin in the same color of your hair if you need a secondary anchor.

Note: Experiment with single or double knots. You can loop your hair so that the knots fall level with your earlobes or you can layer knots so that they cascade down your strands. Longer locks can support multiple free-flowing knots.

6. Repeat the knotting process on all remaining hair sections.

7. Apply a medium to heavy holding spray to the finished style.

Hairstyle by Barbara Lhotan & Louis Salvati Courtesy of Inspire & Publications

8. Add a light sprinkling of glitter gel for added dazzle.

Experiment with adding more or less sections of hair for different results.

For a different look try braiding the tails of each knotted section or making knots with pre-braided locks.

The possibilities are endless if you take the time to play with different variations of this classic knotted style.

This finished style if perfect for any Holiday party, Prom, Wedding or other dressy hair event. Enjoy!


Hairstyles by Barbara Lhotan and Louis Salvati Make-up by Catherine Raffaele & Tracy M. Gravois

Photography by Eric Von Lockhart Copyright 2002 - 2007 All rights reserved.

Barbara Lhotan is known as the "Personal Trainer" for stylists wishing to be experts with long hair. She is the Director of Education for Renaissance Salon in Smithtown, New York and a Senior National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Barbara works on all types of hair and creates spectacular updos and styles for any event. She is also talented with hair extensions and color. Contact Barbara for a consultation at: (631-724-2386)

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