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Prom 2009 Hair: Simply Elegant


Style #3673 Alfred Angelo Prom Collection

Alfred Angelo All Rights Reserved

Prom Season 2009 offers an array of absolutely gorgeous Prom gowns in every style, color and fashion.

For 2009, as we have done in the past, is selecting various prom gowns from the top manufacturers with matching hairstyles and providing the details on how to match a Prom hairstyle to the gown.

The gown in this article is Style#3673 from the Alfred Angelo Prom 2009 collection and truly matches the article's description of Simply Elegant.

Keeping with the hottest fashion trends from the world's famous catwalks, this gorgeous spaghetti strapped gown comes in a scrumptious shade of red and is encrusted with spectacular crystal beading (see photo to the side of the front of the gown).

Style #3673 Alfred Angelo Prom Collection

Alfred Angelo All Rights Reserved

The gown has a sensuous front slit that forms a triangular peek-a-boo opening from the knees to the toes.

The front split is decorated with a saucy ruffle, also keeping with current fashion trends for ruffled fashion designs. (Where To Buy: Alfred Angelo Store Locator).

This breathtakingly beautiful dress would be very flattering for someone who is taller, wants to enhance their chest area or wants to show off a beautiful back, shoulders or legs. This dress will also help to accentuate a tiny waist.

It would also work well for someone that has an athletic build since it would look smashing against well developed upper body curves.

Style #3673 Alfred Angelo Prom Collection

Alfred Angelo All Rights Reserved

Because the dress has beautiful crystal beading and delicate front and back spaghetti straps, an ideal hairstyle would be one that is pulled back off the face and elegantly pinned up.

The slightly fanned updo hairstyle that the model is wearing is very elegant, yet simple to do. Even better, it shows off the front and back of the dress to absolute perfection.

The updo hairstyle also allows for the addition of a gorgeous choker style necklace, matching crystal looped or chandelier earrings and delicate bracelet.

Strappy high heeled sandals add a wonderful finish for the lower slit area of the dress. Add one or two playful toe rings to be a little naughty underneath your elegant style.

Simply Elegant Updo - Steps To Create

Style #3673 Alfred Angelo Prom Collection

Alfred Angelo All Rights Reserved

With a stunning front and elegant back, this fairytale dress calls for a soft yet sleek romantic updo.

To compliment the gown you could go with the edgy fanned updo look (as shown on the model) or you could also go with a ballerina type of bun or a nape knot.

Hairstyle Definition

The hairdo described is designed around a very basic tightly crafted ponytail that is anchored at the top of the crown with hair sculpted to fan out and up. The base of the updo hugs the crown and the back of the head. Although the model is not wearing bangs, this style could also be created with any type of fringed front hairline.

Face Shape Considerations

This elegant sleek style highlights the face along with the dress. Although most face shapes will be flattered by this style, if your face is long and thin it is better to design the updo so it lays closer to the head with more volume added along the sides.

Oval and heart shaped faces will look beautiful in this style. Square faces can achieve balance by carefully pulling ringlet tendrils down around the jaw and cheeks to soften. Round face shapes can achieve a slimming effect by adding more height at the crown, adding tendrils at the cheeks and playing with a light dusting of side parted bangs or hairline tendrils.

Best For Hair/Length/Condition

This fanned updo would work best for chin to shoulder length hair that is medium to fine in texture.

One option to consider with baby fine hair is to use a volumizing shampoo and gel or spray to blow up the hair cuticle.

Challenging For Hair/Length/Condition

Hair that is longer than shoulder length, exceptionally thick, naturally wavy or curly would require pre-styling straightening to prepare it for this style.

Thick or super thick hair may not be able to achieve the desired level of sleekness. It would be possible to re-create this look on thick or super thick hair that has been relaxed.

If you have short hair and wish to create this look, consider add- on extensions or clip on ponies.

Getting Started: Creating The Updo

Style #3673 Alfred Angelo Prom Collection

Alfred Angelo All Rights Reserved

This updo may requires the assistance of a professional stylist or a friend or family member that can help you fix your hair. Because the hair has sculpted fanned hair strands that hug the back of your head and crown, additional hands are required to achieve a carefully finished style.

With a little practice you or a prom going buddy could create the updo style. If you prefer, book an appointment with your favorite stylist to create the style.

If you wish to try this style on your own, be sure to spend time in several practice sessions to see if you can duplicate the look. If you have never worn an updo before, be prepared to adjust to a change in your hair comfort factor.

If you are in doubt about how well you would look in this style, have your hair done by a stylist several weeks before your Prom and have a friend take photos. This will give you a chance to look at yourself as others would see your hair.


If possible, create this look on hair that is not freshly washed. Right after a shampoo hair tends to be soft, slippery and harder to work with. This is especially true for an updo style.

If you prefer to create the style on newly washed hair be sure to dress the hair well with styling creams, gels or lotions to help anchor the style for long term wear ability.

Step One: Create a deep side part on one side of the head. Starting at the front of the head use a paddle style brush and brush all of your hair back from the hairline on either side of the part to form a ponytail at the back of your crown near the top. Merge the hair on either side of the part to form a very tight angled ponytail sculpture.

Note: If you prefer bangs, these can also be added to the style. Keep in mind that if you modify the style from the instructions the look will not be identical to the photos shown in this article.

Phytolaque Hair Spray

Step Two: Once you have a sleek and tight ponytail, secure it with a hair bungee or Blax band in the same color as your hair.

Apply a good hair spray like Phytolaque to saturate and dampen hair. This will help to make hair more manageable as you style. It will also help to create and sculpt the fanned hair pieces.

Step Three: Grab the entire ponytail in the thumb and forefinger of the left hand approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches down from the base of the secured ponytail. Taking the right hand, wrap the entire ponytail clockwise over and completely around the thumb and the forefinger to create a large loop with the ends of the new loop pulled up to the same level as the ponytail base.

Step Four: While holding the new hair loop in place with one hand, smooth and flatten the new hair loop and pin securely on the underneath side of the loop next to the scalp.

Use tiny hair or bobby pins in the same color as your hair. Make sure that the new loop is evenly balanced and symmetrical. Use as many pins as necessary to make sure the style will hold. As you pin the new loop be sure to leave 2-3 inches of long ends free.

When you are finished the looped hair will have been carefully merged into the top of the bottom ponytail to create a soft rounded bun effect.

Step Five: Once you have pinned the loop securely into place you should have a stalk of untamed hair ends sticking up near the ponytail base.

Apply hairspray, gel, wax or styling cream to the complete length of the ponytail ends to give them form and texture.

Take one strand and layer it around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic band.

Step Six: Using your fingers carefully arrange the strands to form a type of free form hair fan. work from side to side to create a balanced fan hair sculpture.

If you want more control over the fanned strands, separate them into 1/4" to 1/2" individual strands, lightly twist clockwise and then pin into place.

Remember to take your time and check each strand as you pin. Make sure that each strand is firmly pinned once you position it. To hold securely, spray each fanned hair section with holding or styling spray as you work.

Position two bobby pins in a X formation near the end of the hair strands to get them to stand up. If you prefer, you can lightly back comb each fanned strand and spray to give it fullness and to form a larger feathery splay form.

Note: Do not use a brush or comb after you have created the ponytail. Use your fingers to style and arrange your hair. Keep the hair as close to your head as possible since this updo look is sleek, elegant and close to the scalp.

Step Seven: Decorate the finished updo style by adding one or more gorgeous fresh flowers or add pink crystals or white colored tiny crystal headbands, hair snaps, magnets or jeweled clips. If you use fresh flowers, wait to pin them into your hair right before you leave for the Prom to keep them as fresh as long as possible.

Conair - Instant Heat 1" Curling Iron

If you prefer, you can leave long tendril sections to cascade down around your face. If you want tighter tendrils use a 1/4 to 1 inch barreled curling iron or hot rollers to give you a tighter ringlet.


This style can be easily modified by adding more or less wax and/or styling products. Add a little styling wax for a more edgy look. Or keep the look soft by spraying with a light hairspray to finish the look.

Experiment with a range of options from adding different parts and bangs to pinning in add-on hair pieces to create more fanned hair pieces.

Note: A special thank you to Alfred Angelo for sharing this gorgeous gown with If you would like to purchase this gown go to the Alfred Angelo site for a list of retail stores that carry this design.

About Alfred Angelo

Alfred Angelo is the most recognized brand of formal and bridal dress apparel around the globe. For the past 70 years Alfred Angelo has been dressing Prom goers in elegant and affordable gowns. Alfred Angelo is the world’s leading maker of Prom, wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, yet they retain the personal touch of a family owned company.

Founded in the 1930’s by Alfred Angelo Piccione and his wife, Edythe Piccione, today the company is owned by their son and daughter, Vincent and Michele Piccione. Together they dedicate their business, technological and creative talents to ensure that Alfred Angelo continues to provide beautiful formal wear of the finest quality at affordable prices.

You can find Alfred Angelo gowns in thousands of retail stores throughout not only North America, but on every other continent as well.

Alfred Angelo is unique because they have a design team that creates both exquisite gowns and coordinating looks. They have an extensive collection of gorgeous Formal dress styles, most of which are very affordably priced, all of which are available in sizes 16W-28W.

We invite you to explore all of Alfred Angelo and their goreous gowns at:

Browse through the complete collection of gowns, learn some key gown terminology, and most importantly, use the great store locator/where to buy guide, to learn which stores in your area carry these gorgeous products.

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