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Popsicle Stick Curlers


Popsicle stick curlers create a very tight type of ringlet curl. They are also require a lot of time and patience. The more hair that you have the longer and more tedious the process of using popsticle stick rollers become. Never mind the effort of eating all those popsicles to get the sticks. The hard part occurs when you have super long thick hair like mine that needs to be rolled in literally 50 sticks.

Using popsicle sticks is not only time consuming, unless you have short or fine hair, it will require lots of hair sectioning, spraying and clipping. Yes, the look is definitely different and hot, but I do not recommend this process for anyone with a harried life.

Getting someone to help you attach the popsicle sticks is important. Because they are small in length and diameter it is difficult to use them in the back of the scalp.

I was lucky to have my hairstylist experiment with the sticks on my hair. It took a long time and convinced me not to attempt this process at home without someone helping me.

Although my stylist used the popsicle stick curlers on my hair when it was newly shampooed, we discovered that less conditioner is better for a tighter set. We also learned that it is important to be liberal with the styling gel/mousse.

Like any other unusual hair styling technique, this one took some practice. Although my stylist had actually used stick rollers before, my hair posed a new challenge because of its length and thickness. She practiced on a small section of my hair before she embarked on the full process. This is a valuable lesson for anyone trying this set. Practice and experimentation make perfect.

Should you try it? Consider the pros and cons and proceed at your own risk. I can say that this technique will probably not work for everyone. Theoretically it should work great for all hair types and lengths. However, I suspect that either very short or very long hair may find the process more troublesome because of their length differentials.

Stick Curling Instructions

Before you start make sure you have enough clean ice cream or popsicle sticks to cover your entire head. You will also need large hairpins or smaller claw clips to hold the stick rollers in place against your head. Be sure to use sticks that are smooth to avoid snagging your hair. It is also important to use clips or pins without rough edges.

Stick curlers can be used on either newly shampooed towel dried hair or completely dry hair that has been heavily misted or prepared with styling spray, mousse or gel. If you decide to create the curlers on dry hair make sure that you are liberal in your use of styling products to give the hair enough dampness to take the curl.

The amount of the hair that you can wrap around each stick depends entirely upon the length and thickness of your hair. It is important not to wrap too much hair around each stick or else the curls will not have a tight structure.

  1. On damp detangled hair apply a good styling gel or mousse. For the tightest curls and control avoid using either rinse out or deep conditioners before using the foil curler technique.

  2. Using a styling comb or a comb with a rattail, separate your hair into equal sections. Partition sections of hair that is 1/4 to 1/2 inch in width for tight curls. Clip each section to hold.

  3. Starting at either side of your head work with each section to add the sticks.

  4. Take each stick and place it against each section of hair so that the tip of the hair section is laying centered on top of the stick.

  5. Take the very tip of the hair and curl it under the stick so that the hair encircles the foil.

  6. Roll the hair in a ringlet formation around the stick.

  7. Once the ringlet curl is rolled all the way up the length of the hair and flush with the scalp secure the stick to the hair with a big hair pin or hair clip.

  8. Continue to form ringlet curls until the entire head is covered in stick curlers.

  9. If hair is layered, form multiple rows of stick curls to get a bigger curl.

  10. Spray with a light styling mist to cover all the curls.

  11. Sit under a hood hair dryer for 5-45 minutes on a warm setting until all the curls are completely dry. If you don't have a hood dryer, use a blow-dryer with a diffuser set on low to medium speed, medium heat.

Once your hair is completely dry, turn off the dryer and let the hair completely cool down. Wait up to 30 minutes before you remove the sticks. Make sure that the hair is completely cool before remove the curlers. .

Remove the curlers gently and then let the hair cool a little longer before styling. For longer lasting curls, clip the newly formed curls in place on the scalp and mist lightly with styling spray. After removing clips or pins use fingers to gently arrange the desired curly style. Avoid using a brush or comb which could displace some of your new curls. Be careful not to use styling tools unless necessary.

Once you have your style the way you like, spray with a good styling spray to hold the set.


Popsicle stick curlers can be used to create a very tight ringlet style with fabulous curls. Although stick rollers can require a lot of time and work to create, the rewards can be tremendous.

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