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Phytodefrisant Forked Waves!


Necessity is the Mother Of Invention. Through a series of unusual circumstances I got stranded overnight at a hotel without my normal "chignon bag" that consists of a myriad collection of jaws, claws, hair clips, Bungees, Blax and bobby pins that I use to put my hair up in a variety of different "damp buns" after I wash my hair.

As I was muttering to myself about my hair style misfortune I spied a clean set of silverware sitting on the room service tray. A proverbial light bulb went off in my head and I decided to wing it and create forked waves for my big meeting.

Celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell once told me about using regular dinner forks as a form of "natural hot curler". Robert had explained that by coupling a blow dryer with a metal fork, the heat from the dryer would transform the fork into a type of instant curling iron.

After Robert explained the on-the-fly technique to me, I never got around to trying it out. Until my bun busting trauma.

Phytojoba shampoo

I started my forked wave experiment by dousing my hair with lukewarm water in the shower. Using a clean Evian bottle, I mixed 1 teaspoon of Phytojoba shampoo with 1 quart of lukewarm water. Drizzling the resulting suds over the top of my head and patting the sudsy froth along the middle and ends of my hair, I immediately did a full rinse.

Gently squeezing as much moisture out of my hair as possible with my fingers, I glopped on my favorite Phytosesame rinse out conditioner. I never get over how yummy the Phytosesame always smells. I just hope that someday I don't become so overcome by the fragrance that I lick my fingers. Of course, knowing the fabulous folks at Phyto (fee-toh), it probably tastes as great as it smells. But seriously, the Phytosesame is for external use only.

After rinsing out the yummy Phyto leave-in conditioner I finished with a spine tingling blast of cool water.

Phyto 9

Blotting my hair dry I applied a cocktail of my favorite Phyto 9 leave-in cream (shown to the side) and Phytodefrisant frizz buster.

Since I was not sure whether the fork trick would cause frizz or not, I decided to slather on extra Phytodefrisant. along the ends of my hair. Better safe than frizzy I always say.

I separated my damp hair into two inch sections. Using the clean room service fork, I started at the bottom of each strand and rolled my hair from the ends up towards the roots. Holding the fork in place, I directed heat from my Conair Ion dryer towards the rolled section. Remember, to prevent any heat damage, hold the nozzle of the blow dryer approximately 2 inches away from the hair being dryed.

Phytolaque Soie Hair Spray

After drying for approximately 1 to 2 minutes, I carefully unrolled the hot fork (yes it gets a little toasty) and let the newly curled strand cool. Working from side to side, I curled my entire head using 2 inch strands.

When I was completely finished, I let my hair continue to slightly cool. Using my fingers, I slightly tousled and finger picked the waves into my desired placement.

Voila! I had lots of texture that looked like I scrunched it, rather than forking it out. I finished with a blast of Phytolaque Soie Hair Spray (shown to the side), which has been used on Jessica Simpson (by celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves) for silky shine and soft hold.

Secret To Forking Success


I will confess that I tried this style without using the Phytodefrisant cocktail that included Phyto 9. The problem? Frizzy strands.

Although I utilized all my favorite Phyto products when creating this unusual fork curled do, I found that the Phytodefrisant definitely made the difference for me. My finished texture was frizz free and so much softer after I used the Phytodefrisant balm than when I didn't.


Whether you are bored by the same old hair styling tools that are tried and true, or caught in a jam, consider trying unconventional styling tools for an exciting new twist. Yes, pun intended.

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