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Phyto Hair Vitamins: Phytophanere


Your body knows that it needs to remain healthy, vibrant and active.

(Image of Phytophanere - - all rights reserved - 2004). Unfortunately, your body cannot always find what it needs in your daily diet.

Fast food, everyday stress and lack of exercise all combine to rob your body of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The PHYTO experts have the perfect answer: to give your diet the right boost of vitamins, nutrients and oils that are essential for strong, healthy and beautiful hair, nails and lashes.

The hair vitamin scoop is to incorporate Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair and Nails, which is the PHYTO's best seller in France, into one's beauty regimen. Phytophanere contains a potent cocktail of vitamins, essential fatty acids and orizanol, all of which are derived from botanical origins. A four-month treatment with Phytophanere will infuse strengh, vigor to hair and nails, ensuring that you will look your best from head to toe!

INGREDIENTS Carrot oil (-Carotene/ProVitamin A) Wheat Germ oil (Vitamin E/Tocopherol) Rice Bran oil (Orizanol) Borage Seed oil Sunflower oil Soybean oil Fish oil Brewer's yeast

RECOMMENDED FOR Lifeless hair lacking vitality and bounce Brittle, breaking nails Weak lashes Use during a diet Use with a hair loss treatment

DIRECTIONS Take two caplets in the morning. For optimal results, it is advised that a treatment be followed for 4 months.

PACKAGING 120 caplets (2-month supply)


Phytophanere is always available at where you receive free UPS ground shipping (a significant cost savings shipping benefit) within the Continental United States with a pre-approved credit card, money order or check.

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