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Perfect Hairstyles For Hair Type & Texture


Kristen Bell Grand Opening Night 01-22-04

Embrace your hair type (thin and fine, medium or thick) and texture (straight, wavy or naturally curly).

Baby Fine Bob

Kristen Bell, star of the sizzling Veronica Mars shows off a perfect style for her baby fine straight strands.

Not only does Kristen pump up the volume with interspersed highlights and lowlights she goes with a sizzling frontal side-swept fringe that makes her eyes pop and redirects attention away from her angular jaw and chin.

Boyish bobs never really go out of style because they work so great for so many hair types, textures and face shapes. Bobs are a very easy way to give limp locks a fuller look. But bobs are back and are very hot this season.

A great option for a fine hair bob is an asymmetrical razor cut, tapered along the nape of the neck. This modified bob provides the feel of a one-length bob but layers are cut into the bottom for sexy movement.

Felicity Huffman Grand Opening Night 01-22-04

The front section of the hairstyle can be worn forward or pinned back with a barrette or a series of elastic headbands that instantly push hair up along the hairline or crown for instant fullness.

Even better, a bob designed to work with baby fine hair can truly be wash and wear.

Shampoo hair with volumizing formulas unless your hair is colored like Kristen's. In that case, use color maintenance products. Some volumizing products may accelerate hair color fading.

Finish with a cool rinse which naturally adds shine and helps blow up the cuticle a bit. Towel blot. Finish with a bit of volumizing gel or the volume enhancing product of your choice. Blow dry for five minutes finger picking for an edgy and piecey look.

Legal Fine Hair Cheat: The Jon Renau line of clip-in hair extensions are specifically designed to focus on adding fullness instead of length. When you want to instantly fatten your locks opt for one of the fabulous Jon Renau options.


An easy styling option for poker straight strands is a revamped version of the 70s shag.

It's cropped close to the head with 2 inch layers on top. To get that fringed look, cut the hair at an angle then cut into the ends rather than straight across.

Apply gel to damp hair, then use a blow dryer and a round brush to coax the sides forward.

For a variation divide hair into two ponytails. Wind each around fingers and pin into place.


Felicity Huffman Grand Opening Night 01-22-04

Wavy hair can be worn a variety of ways with little effort. A bob is a great basic cut because the waves can create beautiful bounce and movement.

Start with a bob with all bad ends removed. Chisel in carefully graduated layers. Angle the front for great movement and control.

Comb body creating wave or styling cream through damp strands.

Blow dry hair for 5 minutes to remove excessive moisture. Let rest of hair air dry. This results in smooth waves with no frizz.

Frizz Challenged

Keeping tightly curled hair kink free with some creative cutting. Cut off any split ends and chisel in chunky layers all around. Remember that the layers must have some weight or else the hair will be fly-a-way.

Avoid making a part. Instead, pull hair foreward towards the hairline.

Treat hair with a leave-in conditioner mixed with a defristant product like Phyto Defrisant

Dry with a long finger diffuser to help form curls.


Teri Hatcher American Idol Season Finale 05-21-03

Naturally curly hair can be hard to control in humid weather.

Cut graduated layers from jawline to shoulders and remove all dead ends. Allow curls to cascade freely rather than bulking up.

Mix a drop of leave-in conditioner with a styling gel. Distribute well through the strands from the roots to the ends. This helps keep curls defined. Dry hair with a long finger diffuser. Once hair is 100% dry use fingers to carefully pull on curls to create ringlets.

She has been cast more often as a bodacious.

Despite the fact that I have a good-size pair of breasts says Hatcher they're not my only attribute. I prefer baggy denims and oversized t-shirts when I'm not working and I don't wear much makeup. People hardly recognize me when I'm out.


I'm hard on myself when it comes to looks but as I've gotten older, I'm trying to let go of that trait. In fact, the 32 year old brunette beauty consciously downplays any notion of physical perfection.

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