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Patrick Cameron has consistently earned recognition as one of the world's leading hairdressing platform artists as well as one of the most talented hair designers in the world today.

Patrick has justly earned his title, "The Maestro of Long Hair". (All photos are copyright Patrick Cameron, 2001).

Patrick's zest, energy, vitality, dedication and passion for his craft seems to be endless. This New Zealand native, who has resided in England since 1987, is one of the most charming people in the world. Famous for his exceptional work with long hair, Patrick continues to dazzle the hair and beauty worlds with his constant stream of fabulous new styles.

This article includes the latest hair creations from Patrick's Night Life collection for 2001. All the gorgeous photos in this article were provided to courtesy of Patrick Cameron & Marco.

Night Life Collection For 2001

For his most recent hair collection, Patrick blends breathtaking glamour with dark gothic to create an incredible look that borders on over-the-top.

Recognizing that hair is just one part of the "total look" that women strive to create, Patrick has incorporated fashion with his latest hair designs. Patrick doesn't just push the envelope with his Night Life Collection, he blows it wide open.

Marco Erbi, Patrick's multi-talented artistic director and costume designer beautifully captured the essence of the Night Life Collection with his stunning couture.

Marco, who has been designing and handmaking Patrick's costumes for the past seven years, showcased hand dyed fabrics decorated with intricate beadwork. The combination of Patrick's hairstyles and Marco's breathtaking designs were nothing short of perfection.

Patrick's Night Life collection was inspired by a variety of factors that included the big hair that he witnessed on the recent Versace runways. Patrick was also inspired by the wild masses of curls that are expected to dominate the runways in 2001.

For his Night Life Collection Patrick has created the ultimate in textures, twisting, crimping, knotting and looping hair to create shapes that are innovative and alluring. The new shapes are achieved using strategically placed monofibre padding (extensions). Patrick now has a new line of hair extensions that he is marketing along with his great long hair videos & books.

Evolution Of Long Hair Vision

With his new Night Life collection Patrick evolves even further with his sophisticated vision of long hair dressing, breaking down step by step, the most amazingly intricate hairstyles into simple repetitions of patterns and skilful placements of hair.

Patrick's trademark sleek sophistication hasn't been forgotten as he also produced two beautiful contemporary looks highlighting his dexterity in dealing with all lengths and textures of hair.

Being quite unique in the world of hairdressing Patrick has used skills gained while working as both a salon stylist and a featured platform hair artist. Combining the commercial aspects and speed of salon work with a flair for the theatrical he continues to thrill audiences throughout the world.

Patrick recently presented his highly visual and avant garde stage production at the International Beauty Show in Long Beach from January 25th to the 30th. hair expert, Barbara Lhotan was at Patrick's show. Barbara reported that his performances, as always, were stunning and were met with standing ovations as well as many oohs and ahhs from the audience.

Patrick understands the importance of sharing his work on the stage for other hair and beauty professionals to see and experience. For this reason Patrick travels around the globe every year to many different international hair and beauty shows to share his expertise.

Patrick's philosophy is one that has taken him around the world many times and translates well into any language - "My aim is to create natural looks that make the client feel feminine".

What's Next For Patrick Cameron

Patrick is scheduled to perform his hair magic at the New York International Beauty Show in March. If you are a hair or beauty professional attending that industry show, be sure to catch Patrick's performances.

Patrick is also working on his third book for long hair styles. Marco has promised that he will let all of us at know the instant Patrick's book is ready to be released. There is no doubt it will be fabulous.

Special Thanks To Patrick & Marco

A special thank you to Patrick and Marco for all their support over the past two years and for allowing to host a special gallery of Patrick's incredible styles.

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