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Nubian Secrets For Braids, Dreadlocks, Naturals & Weaves

NUBIAN SECRETS Hair & Scalp Cleanser & Conditioners . .

. . .for Braids, Dreadlocks, Naturals & Even Weaves!

Channel Islands, CA 6/25/99 BB Concepts, Inc., a.k.a. NUBIAN SECRETS. July 29, 1999.

NEW Brand makes "Frequent Hair-Cleansing EASY for Braid & Dreadlock wearers today, by introducing the first Bio-Chemically Engineered "Instant Foam Shampoo & Conditioning SYSTEM" - Nubian Secrets!

The product carries a manufacturer's suggested list price of $24.95 + tax and is available immediately from African Image Bty. Supply in Los Angeles, CA., Ebony Bty. Supply in San Diego, CA. and Best Bty. Supply in Roxbury, Mass. or from the website.

"Quality products in the Natural Hair category are badly needed because of the evolvement of serious dry-scalp conditions by consumers wearing these styles".

"Many desire to participate in these styles (Braids & Locs) but see no efficient way to keep them clean, supple and attractive. Other companies have, for years, sold gels, oils and laminating sprays, but none seem to care how these "buildup-type products are eventually removed in a healthy fashion," said Lloyd A. Bell, Research & Development Chemist and Owner of Nubian Secrets.

"Remarkably, Braids have been popular for so many years that now cultures beyond African-Americans are participating largely because of the popularity pushed by the sports and music industry", according to Bruce Bell, company Hair Designer.

Features & Benefits:

    Bio-Chemically Engineered "Instant Foam" / Formula considers fast penetrating delivery system for moisturization of Scalp as well as Hair.

    Botanical Extracts included for Scalp & Hair / Relieves itchiness with astringent qualities while decreasing hair-breakage with balanced moisture. (African Shea Butter, Kola Nut, Panthenol, etc.)

    Comes as a System of 3 products / Puts emphasis on a "Back-to-Basics" regimen of Total Hair and Skin Wellness in synergy.

    "Refillable" shampoo container / Translates into less product waste with environmental responsibility.

    System sold in an attractive "Travel Bag" / A Bonus item to consumer, which may be re-used.

Researched and market-tested for some 10 years, and now finally introduced, brand Nubian Secrets is fast becoming a creditable leader in pioneered ground for Cleansing and Conditioning in the natural hair category of the beauty industry.

This NEW BRAND capitalizes on the founders experience as a veteran chemist (formerly of Redken Labs, Proline Corp., Max Factor & Co., W.O.C. Inc., Image Labs, etc.) who has formulated with top quality botanicals to enter a seemingly simple but untapped arena . . .Cleansing Braids, Dreds, and even Weaves without ignoring the scalp.

Now, consumers long admiring these hairstyles (Braids & Locs), may seize the opportunity without fear of ruining a style while attempting to cleanse it.

Note that these NEW products are right on time, in that Dreadlocks and Braids have found a new place in popularity among the rich and famous as well as cross-cultural. In addition to the initial "Instant Foam" Cleanser and Conditioner, Nubian Secrets will bring to market more conditioner entries as well as some traditional but light topical products with that same botanical emphasis.

For more information:

Kathy W. Bell - President Phone (805)289-9988 Fax (805)289-3539 Email: [email protected]

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